5 Surprising Benefits of Playing Educational Video Games

Are you concerned whether your children are spending too much time playing video games?

You’ve probably seen all the warnings linking video games to some health issues. And while we believe everything should be done in moderation, there are actually some benefits to playing educational video games.

Here are five facts that will make you reconsider your kids’ video games.

1. They Help With Dyslexia

Dyslexia is referred to the difficulty learning, reading, and interpreting words. There is no connection between dyslexia and levels of intelligence.

Educational video games have been shown to help improve children’s reading skills. Researchers suggest that attention problems may lead to dyslexia.

When playing video games, children show improvement in their reading comprehension skills. It’s believed that constantly having to concentrate and interpret language – even through games – helps children to focus in an efficient way.

2. Improved Vision

Children’s eyes have to constantly focus on everything happening in the game. They pick up colors, shapes, and different objects that suddenly appear on the screen.

All these skills will help them later on in the real world. Their eyes will be better attuned to pick up on details they saw first in video games.

Even people suffering from lazy eye have shown improvements when playing video games. Constantly having to focus on the screen works the muscles and corrects the eye over time.

3. Developed Cognition

Cognition refers to our ability to think. When children play video games, they’re constantly having to think. They have to remember many different patterns, characters, and movements.

They’ll develop quick thinking and problem-solving skills from playing video games. They’re forced to analyze situations and figure out the best strategy, which really engages their minds.

Video gamers will also feel good about themselves as their skills improve and they start getting higher scores. A little self-confidence goes a long way!

4. Better Social Skills

Some gamers have the reputation of being loners, but this isn’t always the case. With games being connected by wi-fi and online chats, your children will improve their social skills organically.

Games such as AoV Wiki and others connect them to people with the same interests. Knowing how to talk to others reduces social anxiety. And the friendships they make may extend beyond playing video games.

5. Improved Decision Making Skills

When they’re in a live video game, kids don’t have time to sit and analyze strategy.

Gamers usually have to make important decisions in a few seconds or less. Of course, they also know if they make the wrong one that they could always try again.

Many people struggle with the inability to make fast decisions. Video gamers can apply their decision-making skills in real life and reduce their stress levels.

Final Thoughts On Educational Video Games

Although video games sometimes get a bad reputation, there are at least five benefits to playing them in moderation.

Your kids’ cognitive abilities, decision-making skills, and even social lives can all be improved.

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