Lawyer Work Life Balance: Does it Really Exist?

Consider this: the very freedom of a person depends on an effective argument. All it takes is one piece of evidence or one slip-up to change the course of someone’s life.

That’s why lawyers will often work long hours or even sleep at the office. And research shows that professionals are working more hours than ever, a stat which is likely going to increase in the coming years.

But what about the oft-discussed work life balance? Does a lawyer need to be on the clock 24/7? Read on to learn more about what being a lawyer entails and if that work life balance really exists.

Not All Lawyers Work 9-To-5

Since there’s so much pressure on a lawyer’s shoulders, some lawyers don’t get to work a standard 9-to-5 shift. In fact, there’s a phenomenon known as the “full-time flex” that suggests it’s just the opposite.

In a full-time flex scenario, a lawyer may work a full 8 to 10 hours and then adjust their schedule accordingly. For some, that may mean heading home earlier the next day.

But for most, it means adding on additional hours without billing for them. It isn’t uncommon for a lawyer to work 12 to 15 hours a day, meaning that for some, lawyer work life balance is almost impossible.

There are plenty of lawyers out there that enjoy a full-time flex schedule. And while this may be great for the client, it can be difficult for their family and friends.

Lawyers Often Bring Their Work Home

Law is a particularly mentally draining field. A clear, solid argument requires a lawyer to be on their A-game almost 24/7.

Accordingly, some lawyers don’t stop working when they leave the office. But that doesn’t mean that their work consists of only paperwork and research.

Sometimes a case will take up all of a lawyer’s mental efforts. Instead of coming home and relaxing with their family, they may still focus on their current case. An Irvine accident lawyer could spend a full day at the office and still come home and spend their evening working.

It doesn’t bode too well for the lawyer work life balance, but it’s a necessary part of the job.

Lawyer Work Life Balance Could Stand To Improve

Psychology Today points out exactly why work life balance is so important. A lawyer’s job may affect more than just the individual. It could affect their friends, family, and even community.

A poor work life balance could result in a “burn out” where a person overworks themselves to the point of exhaustion. They may find themselves simply going through the motions instead of enjoying life.

And this is especially true for lawyers. Those who create a balance tend to be happier and live richer, fuller lives than workaholics.

Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Work Life Balance

Those struggling to create a balance in their lives may not know where to begin. They may feel like if they aren’t working, they’re falling behind.

Find a hobby, take a walk, or enjoy some time with family. Take a class in productivity and learn how to get more done in less time.

But most importantly, remember to enjoy life. A lawyer’s work is important. But lawyer work life balance can be every bit as rewarding as winning a case.

Bringing It All Together

The question still stands: does the mysterious lawyer work life balance exist? There’s no simple answer. For some it certainly does. But for most, it seems as if their job takes priority.

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