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The Top 7 Reasons You Should Hire Event Security

Planning a large event comes with many responsibilities. For one, you have to create a setting that’s comfortable for your guests. Second, you have to ensure they have a great time.

One thing you don’t want to forget about is ensuring everyone’s safety.

However, a lot of the time, security is overlooked or undermined with inexperienced personnel. But if the recent Las Vegas shooting teaches us anything, it’s that you can never quite prepare for disaster. The next best thing is to not take any chances.

To maintain the safety of your guests, you want to hire event security guards. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of doing so.

1. Prevent Uninvited Guests from Crashing Your Event

You do your best to invite specific persons to your event. However, when you have a large gathering, it can be difficult to keep track of the guest list.

By having event security on staff, you can ensure your guest list is tightly monitored.

The security guards will escort any uninvited patrons from the premises. This saves you from the awkward position of doing it yourself.

2. Maintain Crowd Control

Say there’s a disaster or some type of threat that requires everyone to quickly evacuate. Having people running about chaotically will only make matters worse. Experienced event security guards know how to maintain crowd control and enhance the safety of guests during times of distress.

These individuals know all the exits and will escort everyone to where they need to go. This service is also useful at the end of large events, such as concerts, when exiting the venue can become hectic.

3. Meet Venue Requirements

Now, depending on the venue you decide to rent, there may be provisions that require you to hire security for your event. This is normally necessary when alcoholic beverages are present.

Security guards know how to handle fights and altercations that may arise in settings with cocktails.

4. Safely Escort Guests to their Vehicles

This one is essential if your event will carry over until late in the evening. Some guests may not feel comfortable walking out to their cars alone.

Your security personnel can walk guests to their vehicles in a parking garage or parking lot. This will deter thieves from targeting your guests while on their way home from the event.

5. Make Your Guests Feel Secure

What better way to show your guests you value their safety than to hire event guards for your party or gathering?

This will make them feel appreciated, which is always a plus for winning them over. Your security guards will check bags at the door to ensure no one’s bringing in anything that can harm others. This includes knives, guns and any other suspicious objects.

6. Handle a Crime or Accident

When something goes awry, you need quick reactions. Event security guards will know what to do in case of various incidents. Whether it’s a fire, terrorist attack or robbery, your security will do what’s best to keep everyone safe.

Once the culprit is apprehended, the guards will collect the necessary information about the crime and will reach out to the authorities.

7. Deter Crime or Theft

It’s less likely for criminals to commit crimes when security guards are present. You can hire security officers to guard the vehicles outdoors, as well as your guests while at the event.

Having a group of security officers on the scene walking about will deter criminal behavior.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of hiring event security, you may want them for your upcoming gathering. You can learn more here about finding quality security for your event.

Next, we’ll review how you can use your hired security properly.

How to Make the Most of Your Event Security

There are different ways you can enhance the security of your event with the help of security guards. It’s important to take certain security measures whether you’re holding a sports game, business conference, musical concert or another type of event.

The following are a few tips to help ensure your event is as safe as can be.

Ensure You Have Guards at the Entrance

In 2005, a major calamity was avoided when security guards stopped an individual with a backpack bomb. When he saw the guards, he turned around and detonated it outside the University of Oklahoma football stadium.

The position of your security personnel is key. When they’re at the entrance to an event, they’re a powerful presence.

Remain Vigilant

It’s important to maintain the same amount of security initiated at the beginning of your event until everyone leaves. No one should get into your event at any time without proper screening and identification.

Keep the Outside Just as Secure

Some perpetrators will wait outside to attack unsuspecting guests. This is why we recommend having both interior and exterior event security on the scene.

It’s common for attackers to target dense gatherings, where they can mix into the crowd unseen. Ensure you have security spread out through the parking lot, so there are eyes on the entire scene.

Layer Your Security

There should be different layers of security. For instance, there should be someone out handling traffic control to enforce limits on vehicle access to the event.

In addition, designated guards should also be looking for criminal behavior before people reach the bag check station. Finally, inside of the event, you need security to continue monitoring for criminal activity and be ready to respond swiftly when the need arises.

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