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5 Reasons Why Escape Rooms are Perfect for Employee Team Building

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular these days, with people and groups from all walks of life participating in them.

If you’re not familiar with what an escape room is, it’s time that you’ve caught up. The concept of the escape room involves a group of people being stuck in a room from which they must break free. In order to do so, they must use creativity, logic, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

While these rooms are frequented by groups of friends, they can be greatly beneficial to other groups.

Groups of employees, in particular, can greatly benefit from participating in these rooms.

Here are 5 reasons why escape rooms are perfect for employee team building.

Why Escape Rooms are Perfect for Employee Team Building

1. Foster Communication

In the office, there’s a tendency for separate workers to segregate themselves from each other. They’re all performing their part of the job, but they’re not necessarily doing it in a way that optimizes the overall success of the job. In essence, they’re not communicating as a team.

Trying to get out of an escape room is not a simple task. In order for a group of people do so, they must be on the same page about everything.

Tasks must be divided among every person in the group, each of whom needs a deep understanding of how their contribution contributes to the overall goal. This is no different than what is required in the office.

If every person in the group is trying to solve puzzles and problems on his or her own, nothing will ever be accomplished. Every person must offer his or her knowledge and know-how in order to crack codes and solve problems.

In summary, escape rooms will force your team of employees to communicate. Ideally, this communication will carry over to the office.

2. Boost Morale

Working in an office day after day can start to make you feel a little stale and complacent. Human beings are not perfect. They get tired of their jobs, and they get tired of being around the same people all the time.

In many cases, this results in co-workers dehumanizing each other to an extent. They start to see each other as their job responsibilities, and not as the living, breathing humans that they are.

Having your team of employees participate in an escape room can help to break up this monotony, thus boosting overall morale.

The escape room will allow your employees to take their minds off of their jobs for a short time. It will allow your employees to reveal their true, human personalities.

When employees are able to think of their co-workers as human beings instead of just cogs in a workflow, they are able to better empathize with them. This will result in your employees wanting to go out of their ways for each other.

3. Reveal a Leadership Dynamic

The last thing you want to do as a manager of a team of employees is to force employees into roles that they’re not comfortable with. Some people are born leaders while others are content to do the heavy work and follow directions.

A great way to suss out the leaders of your team is by having them all participate in an escape room game. These games create situations in which natural leaders reveal their leadership tendencies. At the same time, those who are not comfortable with leadership will reveal their follower tendencies.

Essentially, escape rooms work to reveal a leadership dynamic in a group.

This dynamic is so important to be aware of in order to create a workflow that is as productive and as efficient as possible. Forcing employees into positions that they don’t feel comfortable in will cause not only hesitance but in some cases, bitterness.

There’s no better way to drag down the productivity of a team than by saturating it with a hesitant and bitter attitude.

4. Sharpen Group Problem-Solving Prowess

Everyone’s got their own way of solving problems. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But when those people are part of a larger group, they need to know how to alter their problem-solving style so that it’s compatible with other problem-solving styles in the group. These altered problem-solving styles work together to form a uniform, cohesive problem-solving style; a group problem-solving style if you will.

Escape rooms essentially force a group problem-solving style to develop. If it doesn’t develop, the group will not be making its way out of the room. It’s that simple.

It’s absolutely vital that a team of employees develops a productive and efficient group problem-solving style. Think of it as a form of employee training.

5. Provide a Fulfilling Shared Experience

If you look into the annals of escape room history, you’ll see that escape rooms came about as a natural result of human curiosity and adventure. In essence, these rooms were created because human beings find them to be fun and fulfilling.

That fun, in and of itself, is the primary reason that escape rooms are terrific for employee team building. Human beings become friends in a number of different ways, but each and every one of those ways includes the same thing: a shared experience. Typically, the more fun and fulfilling a shared experience, the closer people get.

Through the escape room, teams of employees are sharing a fulfilling experience. They’re being brought closer together without even really realizing it.

It’s this sort of natural friendship and closeness that results in a seamless and productive working process. Employees will be more comfortable with each other, and will, therefore, feel more comfortable expressing themselves through their ideas and work.

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