How to Grow Your Income as a Personal Trainer

A career as a personal trainer is quite rewarding, both emotionally and financially.

On one hand, a trainer gets to serve as a firsthand witness to his or her client’s fitness journey. And on the other, the median annual salary for personal trainer jobs is around $53,000.

However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As a personal trainer, it’s possible to set your own hours and make as much money as needed.

Sounds good?

Looking to find more clients and increase income? Read on! Here are some of the best ways to grow income (and muscles) as a personal trainer.

Get Certified

First and foremost, the proper certification is a necessity. Without it, it’s technically illegal to train clients.

Look into some great online programs that can be completed at one’s own pace.

There are tons of great certification programs out there, including ones for specific areas of interest such as nutrition or weight loss. In fact, it’s encouraged that students focus on one specific area of knowledge.

Know How To Network

Networking is an invaluable tool in any industry, but personal trainers need to rely on it more than others. Since most personal trainers work for themselves, they’re in charge of their own marketing.

Once certified, it’s time to get to work. Create a website — even a simple one. The important thing is that the trainer’s name is out there on the internet. Make sure it includes contact info and a sign-up sheet to make things easier for the client.

Next, it’s time to populate the site. However, standard copywriting won’t make the cut. Personal trainer jobs are pretty common, so SEO is going to make a huge difference.

A fitness site is a bit different than any other type of site, so take notes on various sites. Click here for a great example of a fitness site that both encourages sales and informs an audience.

Start learning about web marketing, keywords, and what goes into a site’s ranking. The more information a trainer has, the better the site will be.

Finally, don’t forget to hop on social media. Facebook and Twitter can be great resources, as the trainer can connect with specific groups like other trainers.

Be sure to check out fitness-focused pages and ask to join its groups. There are even pages just for personal trainers! It may seem like a haven for cat pictures, but social media is actually a personal trainer’s biggest ally.

Encourage Reviews

Personal trainer jobs rely on word of mouth and referrals. Therefore, it’s important to encourage reviews whenever possible.

If a client is happy with their workout, ask them to head to your site and fill out a quick review or tell their friends. It’s simple, sure, but people trust online reviews as much as a friend’s opinion.

Reviews can make or break a training career, so get on any other site that offers user reviews. And don’t forget to thank a client for their feedback, be it positive or negative. People like to know that their opinions are heard.

And don’t forget to thank a client for their feedback, be it positive or negative. People like to know that their opinions are heard.

Final Thoughts On Personal Trainer Jobs And Growing Income

Personal trainer jobs aren’t always easy to get. However, each of these three steps will help increase profits. Never neglect the importance of the client’s opinion, and keep working on a personal site.

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