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How to Start a Career at an Online Advertising Agency

Advertising is the best indoor sport out there. It is a constant challenge to do better, aim higher, and get your message heard. Working at an online advertising agency can be a great place to start.

But before you are ready to begin sending out those resumes, you need to prepare yourself. It can be very difficult to break into the advertising world.

It takes dedication, persistence and an incredible amount of talent in order to have a successful career.

There are tried and true methods of breaking through the wall that divides those with the right credentials, and those who don’t quite cut is.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to ensure your resume isn’t filed into the trash can.

Be the Most Informed Person Out There

The most embarrassing thing that can happen in an interview is to make a mistake during a conversation. That is where most of the anxiety related to job interviews comes from.

A lot can be forgiven by an agency if they find someone with what they are looking for, but one place you have to shine is in your knowledge of the industry.

When you are asked a question about the latest campaigns conversationally, you don’t want to have to tell them that you don’t know any because you only watch Netflix.

They want to see you take an interest. They want to hire someone who is up to date on the latest happenings. Don’t show up unprepared.

Dazzle them with your knowledge. Find some good articles to bring up in conversation so you let them know your interest is real.

Complete an Internship

The biggest mistake a student with advertising agency dreams can make is to not complete an internship.

Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for someone to work for free for a while to prove themselves before becoming gainfully employed at an agency.

As the field becomes more competitive, internships are no longer optional in the eyes of many hiring managers at an online advertising agency.

They have to find some way to set a candidate apart and the fact that they were dedicated enough to a position to work for free, is considered the best way to prove that.

Start by Freelancing

If you haven’t completed an internship, or you have bills to pay, freelancing can be another great way to gain experience.

You can find work by talking to people you know. You will be surprised how many small business owners would be willing to give you a chance.

Another great way to find freelance work is at an online advertising agency with PPC Experts. Frequently, there will be excess work posted on job boards to be scooped up. Just keep searching.

Get in at an Online Advertising Agency

If you are looking to learn more about this career or many others, you can continue to do more research. There are many people out there who would be willing to educate you.

In fact, you can learn to do almost anything right now with the help of ULearning. Take courses in a variety of different fields of interest and never stop chasing your dreams.