how to become a urologist

A Fundamental Guide on How to Become a Urologist

Urology as a career involves dealing with kidney, bladder, and urinary problems. It also means handling problems with men’s sexual and reproductive health.

As a urologist, it’s possible to treat patients with surgical and non-surgical procedures. They can perform surgery for cancers, incontinence, infertility, and even gender reassignment.

After deciding on becoming a urologist, there are a few steps each person must take in order to become one. Read on to learn more about how to become a urologist.

The First Steps

Before anyone can learn how to become a urologist, they must at least have graduated both from high school and a four-year college.

Upon graduation from college, there are medical college admission tests to take. The road to becoming a urologist is not easy.

There is a lot of education and expense involved. However, urology is a field where doctors can use both their surgical skills and their medical management knowledge to care for their patients.

The Classes to Take in Medical School

There are many classes to take in medical school. Biochemistry, genetics, neuroscience, and embryology are among the courses taken while at school. So is medical ethics.

During that time there are mandatory clinical rotations to take like psychiatry and internal medicine. While urology is not one of the mandatory rotations, it can be requested.

An MBBS and MS degree must be earned before appearing for the Mch entrance test. Candidates must complete their 10+2 with chemistry, biology, and physics before appearing for the entrance exam for their MBBS.

A minimum of five years will be spent as a urology resident. Often, those years are divided by spending two years in general surgery and three years working on urology training.

These Qualities Are Necessary to Learn How to Become a Urologist

Not everyone is cut out to become a urologist. Certain skills and personality traits must be present in order to enjoy this career.

Wanting to help patients is definitely a must. They must also be motivated and possess a great amount of stamina to work long hours. The ability to remain calm during stressful situations is also necessary.

Other traits that are helpful are the ability to make excellent decisions, a logical and analytical mind, and the ability to interact both with patients and other healthcare professionals.

Since all fields of medicine are constantly evolving and growing, if a person wants to learn how to become a urologist, they must also want to continue their education.

Job Prospects

After graduating, it’s time to find employment. There are many prospects available as this field is increasingly needing new urologists. This is due to doctors retiring, transferring or leaving the profession.

There are hospitals to work in or private clinics like Steinburg Urology to choose from. Many urologists opt to open their own clinic. Others choose to teach at a university or college.

Potential Earnings

The average urologist earns about $357,000 per year. They are among the highest paid specialists in medicine.

Of course, where someone decides to work geographically will make a difference in their earnings. So will whether or not they choose to work full-time or part-time.

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