high school activities

The Best High School Activities if You Plan on Attending Law School

high school activities

Are you setting your sights on law school?

Committing to law school involves more than just the desire to be a lawyer. It takes years of preparation and hard work, and it’s never too early to begin planning.

Believe it or not, the extracurriculars you do in high school can prepare you for a future in law. Your high school activities can also help develop a competitive resume for entrance into college and law school.

Read on to learn more about the activities you should be signing up for in anticipation of your law future.

1. Speech and Debate Team

Speech and debate are at the top of the list when it comes to high school activities that prep you for studying law.

This is because this activity gives you a chance to hone your skills in debating, assessing arguments, and making cases against a competitor.

As part of a speech and debate team, you’ll also have the opportunity to deliver speeches and get feedback on argument analysis. All of these give you actionable skills that will be essential for a future in law.

No matter what area of law that you pursue in the future, you’ll definitely need to be skilled in analyzing data and material, building arguments, and collaborating with others.

2. Student Council or Government

When it comes to high school activities that give you a taste of the world of law, consider joining student government. As a member of a student government, you’ll dip your toes into a school system’s own legal system.

You’ll also become familiar with parliamentary motions and measures. During student government meetings, you’ll brainstorm events and programs, make decisions that affect the student body, and communicate with faculty members.

Student government will simulate much of what you’ll experience as a legal representative. Communication skills and familiarity with legal systems will be essential to your role, no matter what practice you pursue.

3. Model United Nations

Model UN gives high school students a chance to collaborate across high schools and even states. It also enables students to become proactive and well-versed in issues that concern law, social justice, environmental policy, and more.

If your high school offers model UN, this is a great activity for you to pursue if you want to study law. Many areas of law concern global issues, for one thing. Other areas of law will require you to make decisions based off of the greater good.

You’ll also get a chance to compete with neighboring schools, which is great to mention on resumes.

4. Mock Trial Programs

Many schools offer high school students a direct channel for learning about the judicial system. Mock trial or mock jury duty groups give students a chance to practice many different roles in the courtroom, including attorney or defense roles, judge, plaintiff, and jurors.

Every school’s mock trial program will vary. Some schools will be able to participate in mock trial competitions or incorporate different elements of the legal system. Some programs will be more educational than others.

Whatever the case, explore your school’s mock trial program to get practicing for your future in law now.

5. Community Projects and Volunteering

If you’re thinking about working in the legal system somehow, it’s important to have a background in community service. What’s more, many college admissions teams will appreciate student resumes that demonstrate a commitment to volunteering.

Volunteering also gives you a chance to explore your interest in law in a big way. Maybe you want to get your hands on some social justice issues by volunteering at a woman’s shelter, for example. Perhaps volunteering at a soup kitchen will give you ideas for the type of law you want to pursue in the future.

These experiences can give you material to write about in your college application essays and even help you choose your ideal college.

Community service projects are also excellent additions for any resume. Some schools will even require their high school students to do service projects in order to graduate.

Whether you want to be a car accident lawyer or a legal aide in a prominent law firm, you’ll benefit from involvement in your community.

6. Internships

One of the best ways to prepare for a career path in law is to actually work in a law office. It’s possible for high school students to get internships at law practices, shadow legal aides, and more.

You may have to do your research well to find available law internships for high school students in your area. Also, talk to your school guidance counselor about community internships.

You may also want to contact local law firms and see if they would be interested in taking on an intern. Many legal organizations will be open to this. Other places to contact for internship opportunities include local courthouses and town halls.

7. Other Leadership Activities

In general, it’s important to have a robust resume that reflects your passions and interests to college admissions teams. You should definitely explore the areas that you love, including sports and arts activities, in preparation for law school.

While exploring your passions, seek out leadership positions as much as possible. Leadership and the ability to work with others are both key qualities for people going into the legal field and will reflect well on your resume.

High School Activities That Prep You for Studying Law

If you’re already dreaming of studying law as a high school student, you can start preparing today. College admissions teams will want to see students who are passionate about law, and whose extracurricular pursuits reflect this passion.

When it comes to high school activities that prep you for studying law, make sure you sign up for your school’s speech and debate team. Also, consider a leadership role in student government or in your school’s model UN team. Pursue law internships in your community and other volunteer projects.

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