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The 10 Best Outdoor Jobs for Nature Lovers

Some people weren’t born to spend life inside.

If the thought of a cubicle seems like a jail sentence, then an outdoor career may be more to your liking.

Keep reading to learn about ten of the best outdoor jobs around.

1. Outdoor Adventure Guide

This career is not for the faint of heart.

You can be an outdoor adventure guide who leads clients on horseback rides through the Yukon. You may prefer to rock climbing in Colorado. Whitewater rafting is also popular in the summer.

It doesn’t matter what adventure you’re passionate about–someone else wants to experience it too. You may want to be a tour guide through the Mayan Ruins or a bird-watching guide in your local forest.

Cruise ships survive on convincing people to experience adventures on foreign shores. Thousands go swim with dolphins or parasail high above a tropical beach. The possibilities are limitless.

You don’t have to travel exotic lands to become an outdoor adventure guide. Adventures can be found and created anywhere.

You’ll need some certification in your niche. This gives you credibility and the skills to lead a great outdoor adventure tour.

2. Nature or Animal Conservationist

Helping save wildlife and their habitat is definitely one of the best outdoor jobs. If you love nature, you’ll love to be a part of keeping it safe.

Organizations like the Wildlife Conservation Society employ thousands of like-minded individuals. People who want to save the planet by caring for and protecting nature around them.

A conservationist’s salary varies depending on state and education. A bachelor’s degree or higher is required for most conservation positions. Education in ecology, fish & wildlife management, or agricultural sciences would be helpful.

3. The Military is One of the Best Outdoor Jobs

A career in the Military is a great opportunity to have a noble life away from a desk. Depending on your trade, you could be jumping out of a plane or enduring survival training. You could also be a medic saving lives on the battlefield.

There are over 150 career options in the Army, with many others offered in the Navy and Air Force.

You’ll challenge your strength and endurance physically and mentally. It’s a life path with plenty of room for advancement and opportunities for growth.

A high school education is all that’s required for entry as an enlisted service member. A college education is required for most officer positions.

4. Personal Trainer or Life Coach

You know you’re not a “save the environment” conservationist. You feel like saving the world as a soldier is more adventure than you want. You can save one person at a time.

Transformation can happen outside a gym. In fact, some of the most popular and effective fitness programs never see the inside of a gym.

Hiking in the mountains or swimming in the lake can create a healthier mind and body. Morning jogs or Tia Chi sessions in the park are good ways to connect with your clients. You can guide others to a healthier and happier life by coaching them in fitness or life skills.

There aren’t a lot of overhead costs to running a personal trainer business outside. You’ll need to be trained and certified in the programs and services you offer.

5. Camp Counselor or Director

Help others learn to love the outdoors and survive the wilderness. The great thing about this career is that there are camps for almost every interest.

You can combine your favorite things like drama and camping. From sports to cooking and fitness to space, there’s a camp that covers it. You could be kayaking the lake one minute and administering first aid to a hiker the next.

You’ll use your creative side while building relationships with campers. It can be a career you will never get bored as every day brings new challenges and new opportunities.

You need to be knowledgeable about the wilderness and have an education related to survival, recreation, and camping. To start your next outdoor education adventure, click here and reconnect with nature.

6. Geoscientist

It’s one of the best outdoor jobs because you get to spend the day getting dirty. This career can lead you to study oceans or the composition of the earth.

You’ll use your knowledge of physics, math, and geology. You’ll explore the earth for minerals, gas, oil, and underground water sources.

You might also help ease effects of drought or find solutions for environmental issues. A geologist earns an average of $89,000 a year, depending on their field of study.

7. Landscaper or Landscape Architect

Take a formerly boring outdoor space and create a thing of beauty. You’ll develop green spaces and park-like settings that bring peace and serenity.

As a landscape architect, you’ll bring a vision to reality. You’ll design outdoor spaces for schools, recreation facilities, parks, and private homes.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred and you’ll need to be licensed in most states. The median pay is around $63,000 a year.

8. Wildlife Photographer

Capture the moments of awe in nature that the rest of us miss. You can work locally or internationally as a wildlife photographer.

Print magazines, websites, and companies in every industry outsource projects to photographers. If you can be patient waiting for the perfect shot and are willing to travel, this may be one of the best outdoor jobs for you.

You can spend your days bringing the beauty of nature to all those not willing (or able) to leave the 9-to-5 job behind.

9. Marine Biologist

If you love all things aquatic, you might consider becoming a marine biologist. This career usually requires a doctorate to be at the top of your game.

You’ll be studying marine organisms and how they affect the environment around them. Their eco-system will be examined to see how changes are affecting each organism.

You can earn a salary of anywhere from $35,000 to $95,000, depending on your position.

10. Farmer or Rancher

None of us would have anything to eat if it wasn’t for farmers.

Grow crops or raise animals and spend your days living off the land. It’s a demanding career but one that has its own rewards. You’ll never spend a day under the fluorescent lights of an office, and you’ll have a table filled with food you grew yourself.

A median income of $65,000 a year is normal for farmers and ranchers throughout the US. Income depends on what crops you grow, what kind of weather there was throughout the season, and what the current prices are.

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