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Best Graduate Degrees That Are Actually Worth the Investment

Thinking about going back to school and wanting it to actually be worth the effort?

Getting a Master’s or some other graduate degree is a big investment, and in many cases, it’s a crucial move towards advancing your career.

What’s more, a graduate program can provide you with valuable skills for growing the career you already have. You’ll come away with knowledge and powerful connections in the industry.

But there are some graduate programs out there that may not be as beneficial. It’s important to identify the top Master’s degrees that will actually be worth the financial investment.

Read on for more insight into what degrees you should pursue.

1. Statistics

When it comes to top Master’s degrees, statistics is one of the most competitive available. Certain universities may have different titles for this degree, such as Data Science or Applied Mathematics.

But for the most part, statistics fall under the category of general mathematics that is applicable to a variety of industries. A Master’s in statistics can lead you toward a career path as an economist, data scientist, or statistician in most industries.

This is one of the best degrees available because these career paths have competitive salaries that break six figures. They also experience a moderate amount of job growth.

2. Nurse Practitioner

Most graduate degrees in medical sciences and fields open the doors to great careers and opportunities. This is especially valuable to current nurses who want to deepen their career and expand their roles.

Additionally, getting a nurse practitioner degree can make you more competitive in the nursing field in general. It can be difficult to jump into the nursing world, especially if you are a fresh graduate.

As a nurse practitioner, you’ll be able to prescribe medication to patients on top of the usual treatment you provide. You’ll enjoy a pay raise if you are already a nurse, and take home a comfortable six figures potentially.

3. Anesthesiology

Another competitive masters degree to pursue in the medical sciences is anesthesiology. In fact, in order to qualify for entry-level positions in anesthesiology, you have to have a Masters degree in nurse anesthesia.

In general, nurse anesthesiologists are considered to be registered nurses with advanced practice capabilities. This means that they have a solid background in anatomy, physiology, and more.

This is one of the top Masters degrees available because it shows incredibly projected job growth. Entry-level anesthesiologists also enjoy starting salaries of over $100,000.

4. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants are exactly what their title says–they assist physicians and surgeons throughout patient treatment and procedures.

Many people are surprised to hear that PAs earn some of the highest salaries in the medical industry, and also enjoy solid job growth.

As the medical industry grows, there’s more demand than ever for PAs who know their stuff and can support leading physicians.

5. Finance

A graduate degree in finance will always be one of the top Master’s degrees out there.

Money and finance will always be power players in our society and all organizations. But new roles emerge yearly within the financial sector with the rise of technology and global partnerships.

Students who get a graduate degree in finance will get a chance to study the ins and outs of financial networks. Subjects include investments, mergers, insurance, and firm management.

This is also a very flexible degree, enabling graduates to get jobs in financial advising, finance analysis, and more. Typically financial jobs have a lot of job growth.

If you’re looking to hone your Finance Masters degree, consider a program in Corporate Finance. Individuals with this degree will specialize in financial movement within (and between) corporations. They also can achieve salaries on the highest end of the financial sector.

You may also want to consider a Financial Management (MBA) graduate degree if you’re more interested in the management side of finance.

6. Computer Science

A degree in Computer Science is one of the top Master’s degrees available because it will help you step into an expanding, exciting world of technology.

As a computer science student, you’ll further explore information technology and new developments in coding and software. What’s more, you can choose a program that will give you a specific skill set to make you more competitive for higher level computer science jobs.

With this degree, you’ll pull in a salary over $100,000 annually. You’ll also be eligible for jobs in software development and information technology management.

With a CS Masters, you could be developing language interpretation software like Boostlingo.

7. Physics

With a Masters degree in physics, you’ll be starting a career that is one of the most financially stable in the nation.

In general, individuals with a Masters in physics earn starting salaries of $70,000 annually and can bring in over $120,000 in the middle of their careers. What’s more, these professionals enjoy 83% job growth.

This degree is also very applicable to a variety of professions, making it an asset if you’re thinking about expanding your role in the sciences.

8. Biomedical Engineering

If you aren’t interested in civil engineering, you may want to consider a Masters degree in biomedical engineering. This is pretty much the top contender for the best Masters degrees available.

You may also want to consider it if you have a background in general biology.

Biomedical engineers are part of a rapidly growing industry, and therefore can experience job growth of up to 83%. What’s more, their career starting salaries begin at $70,000 and only go up from there.

Biomedical engineers are also in high demand these days, particularly given the rapid developments in medical technology. With this degree, you may also be able to get a solid researching position with a top university.

Top Masters Degrees Available

If you’ve made the decision to continue your schooling, it’s important to choose a degree that really can deliver.

If you’re looking for the top Master’s degrees out there, make sure you consider a biomedical engineering degree to start. You’ll also make a solid investment in pursuing a Physics Masters or graduate degree in applied and statistical mathematics.

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are also in high demand, and you can never go wrong with a Masters in Finance of any kind.

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