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8 Creative Ways to Market Your Tutoring Services

When you’re beginning a tutoring business, it’s likely you are working with a limited marketing budget. To make the most of your marketing dollars, you’ll want to keep your advertising costs to a minimum.

There are a number of ways you can market your tutoring business at a low cost or even free of charge, both in your local community and online.

Without further delay, here are the tutoring tips you need to know to market your service.

Marketing Tutoring Tips to Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a lone math tutor working from a math tutor app or a school providing tutoring tips and lessons in multiple academic subjects, you need to know how to market your business.

And when it comes to the 4 P’s of marketing, “Place” is one of the most important elements. Placing your advertisements in locations where students spend their time is likely to get their attention.

Creating an advertisement for your tutoring business doesn’t have to be expensive. You can design something simple on your computer or hire an inexpensive print service to create it for you.

Types of promotion materials include flyers, business cards, brochures, and postcards.

Where to Market Your Tutoring Services in the Community

Here are some local spots to attract new business.

1. Schools

Schools are a great place to advertise tutoring services simply because that’s where students and parents can be found.

Teachers in schools are also a good resource. They have been known to recommend tutoring services once they get to know you.

Visit a school and introduce yourself to the teachers and to the front office staff. Ask the front office secretary if you can post a flyer about your tutoring services in the school. They can place your flyer in teacher inboxes.

They can also post your flyer on the wall, the school bulletin board or in classrooms. Naturally, the procedure for this depends on the school’s policies.

Universities are another place to get the attention of students. University writing services have limited hour sessions and get super busy during midterms and finals.

Contact the Student Services Association to learn its procedures for promoting providers of tutoring services.

2. Community Centers

Community centers make a good venue to promote your tutoring business.

They’re typically filled with students and families after school and on weekends. A church or synagogue bulletin board is another option.

Speak to a staff member who can tell you how to post your advertisement or business card.

3. Local Libraries

Although some libraries offer tutoring services, they’re limited to a handful of hours. This makes a library bulletin board your friend.

Just ask the librarian how to go about posting your flyer or business card. There’s usually a section on library bulletin boards dedicated to local services.

Visit the public libraries in the area your tutoring service covers and ask the staff if you can post your tutoring company’s materials.

4. Neighborhood Coffee Shops and Grocery Stores

High school and college students hang out at coffee shops like Starbucks. Ask the merchant if you can leave business cards or a flier on the counter.

A postcard is an ideal size for the counter because fliers are typically 8×11 and take up a lot of space. If you with a flier, be sure to customize it to the 4″ x6″ postcard size.

Grocery store community bulletin boards are another good option to market your tutoring business. Most grocery markets or health food stores have a community bulletin board that list local services.

How to Market Your Tutoring Services Online

Every day more and more people navigate pages online to find local and national services. The internet widens your reach for advertising your business because you can work with students outside your locale.

Online, you’ll find a variety of websites to market your tutoring business. While some charge fees, others are free to advertise.

5. Tutoring Service Directories

An online tutor directory is a popular place students and parents look for tutoring help. Some of these websites are free and others will let you advertise your service at a fee that is only payable once a client hires you.

Other directories work with what they call credits. You purchase credits for a nominal fee. When a client needs tutoring in your area of specialization, you can use the credits you purchased to contact the prospect.

6. Google Places

Want to list your local business for free? Try Google Places. This local business listing enables you to list your business for free.

Here’s how it works: Add your business profile to Google Places using a local address. When a user searches for tutoring services by city, your name will pop up in the search results. Then the potential customer can easily contact you.

7. Your Professional Website

Having a professional website for your tutoring business helps you reach students looking for tutoring services online.

When you optimize your website for search engine optimization (SEO) your website will be easier to find in search engines which improve sales.

Create a blog that offers tutoring tips. If you provide good content, it will motivate people seeking tutoring tips and services to your website to contact you.

8. Social Media Brings Customers to Your Website

You can also create social media pages and advertisements with links directed back to your website.

Use keywords and hashtags. List the types of tutoring you provide. This attracts people searching for tutoring in specific subjects such as math tutoring, language arts, SAT tutoring or essay writing to your page.

Use These Tutoring Tips to Grow Your Business

Now you have eight creative ways to increase your tutoring company’s revenue.

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