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How to Get Your Clothing Business Up and Running

Starting a clothing business is a great way to use your creativity and passion for fashion to generate an income.

Unlike niche products that may struggle to find customers, everyone needs to buy clothes. In fact, the average family spends $1,800 on clothing every year.

But with so much competition, it’s not going to be easy. Equip yourself with our guide to starting your business to get a headstart.

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Do You Want to Sell Your Own Designs?

Selling your own designs lets you turn your clothing business into a brand. People will buy your clothes for the name, as much as the pieces themselves.

You can always get social media influencers to wear your clothes to help boost the brand.

Make a limited number of each design when you start out. You’ll need a range of colors and sizes of each item.

Or Do You Want to Stock Other Clothing?

Choose a clothing style you want to be known for. Source suppliers of that style and find out how much stock you’ll need to buy from them. Investigate warehousing options so you have somewhere to store everything.

If you sell online, you can start out by keeping your inventory in a storage unit. Check out physical stores with a large stockroom.

Set up a Customer Service Policy

Put customer service front and center. People will be more likely to buy if they know they can return or exchange items.

Make your policy obvious in your store or on your website. It’ll help to build trust in your brand and demonstrate your faith in your products.

Design Your Pricing and Special Offers

You can use special offers to entice new customers to your store. Check what your competitors are doing.

Likewise, compare your pricing against theirs. If they’re cheaper, customers need a great reason to come to you instead.

If you can’t sell your clothing for less without affecting your profit margin, find new suppliers.

Embrace Marketing

Whether you run a physical or an online store, you’ll need to focus on your marketing. Customers need to know what you sell and where they can find you.

For physical stores, work out your target customer. Then work out where they spend their time and advertise your store there. Use location-based Facebook ads to let customers know you exist.

Online stores need to do the same thing. But you can also advertise outside of your locality since anyone with a web browser can visit you.

So work out your target customer and use that information to send ads to the right buyers.

Utilizing SEO is a must if you want to grow your clothing business. People searching Google for ‘pants‘ are more likely to buy since they’re already looking.

Starting a Clothing Business Should Be Exciting

It’s your passion and you can get a lot of satisfaction from selling clothes you love.

But this post just scratches the surface of what you need to learn. You’ll need to build a lot of skills to be successful.

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