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The Best Hospitality and Tourism Careers in 2018

Hospitality and tourism careers are expected to grow as the industry booms. The outlook for 2018 is strong with consumer spending increasing, competition between airlines growing, and corporate travel demand is up.

Opportunities in this career industry can take you all over the world, or let you stay in your own backyard. The sky is the limit! But what kind of jobs are there in hospitality and tourism? What can you expect?

Rest assured, my friend. Whether you’re looking to grow your career with experience you already have or looking to start fresh with a brand new one, there is a place for you. Here are some of the top hospitality and tourism careers for 2018.

Casino Staff

There’s nothing like flashing lights and the sound of slot machines to conjure up dreams of striking it rich. That’s one of the many reasons why people love going to casinos, like MPL Casino. And with such popularity, casino hospitality and tourism careers are numerous.

In the casino itself, there are opportunities for game table dealers, security, waitstaff, casino floor managers, cage cashiers, technicians, and many more. And if the establishment is big enough, it grows into the hotel and restaurant industries as well, bringing even more job opportunities to the table (no pun intended).

Executive Chef

Love to cook? Then you’re in luck. A big part of hospitality and tourism careers is in the restaurant business. Not only will you get to make a living out of doing something you enjoy, but you’ll be able to make tummies from around the world happy with your culinary creations.

Executive chefs are in charge of the kitchen operations. They have the freedom to plan menus, source the best ingredients, managing the kitchen staff, and making sure all food hygiene policies are followed. They’re the ones that keep the customer’s appetite happy and the kitchen working like clockwork.

Restaurant Management

While the chef is busy making sure everything behind closed doors is running smoothly, the restaurant manager is making sure everything out front is just as organized. Their job is to keep the customers happy, giving them an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

They plan out sales goals, hire and train the staff, deal with customer complaints, organize waitstaff schedules, and see to the overall operation of the establishment. The restaurant manager is there to make sure the dining experience is excellent and profitable.

Travel Agent

Planning a trip can be no easy task. The logistics of it can make almost anyone feel like they are in over their heads. That’s when travel agents come in and save the day… or save the vacation.

Travel agents know the in’s and out’s of the airline industry, hotel industry, amusement parks, cruise ships, and just about anything else you can think of to do on vacation. They can get you deals you may have never found on your own, and schedule everything down to the last detail.

All you’ll need to do is pack and show up to the airport on time.

Hotel/Resort Management

If there is a jack-of-all-trades in the hospitality and tourism industry, it would be the hotel managers. These special individuals have their organized hands in every aspect of the hotel operations.

They make sure that each department in the hotel is running smoothly. Hotel managers check in with catering, supervise the front desk staff, deal with guest complaints, make sure housekeeping is doing well, to just about any other activity going on in the hotel. It takes a very organized, customer focused individual to take on the task.

Head of Housekeeping

Everyone loves walking into a freshly cleaned hotel room with chocolate mints placed neatly on their pillow. But that doesn’t happen by magic, there’s a team behind making sure guests have a tip-top experience – and ahead of housekeeping that keeps it all organized.

The Head of Housekeeping is in charge of the daily operations of the housekeeping department. They keep cleaning supplies in stock, hire, train, and schedule staff, and ensure all hygiene policies are followed They’re the one who makes sure the guest experience continues to sparkle.

Spa Manager

Of course, just about anyone who heads out on vacation, or simply needing a small break from their hectic lives, is seeking relaxation. And what better way to relax than in a spa?

Spa managers work hard to keep your visit pleasant and relaxing as possible. While managing the day-to-day operations of the spa, they oversee staff scheduling, spa finances, marketing, customer satisfaction, and employee training.

Event Manager

If there is a concert in town, a large conference downtown, or a sporting event at the local arena, you can bet there is an event manager behind the entire thing.

Event managers help plan and oversee the logistics of all sorts of events. They deal with vendors and invoices, marketing and promotion, order needed supplies, keep event planners on task, and anything else needed to ensure an event goes off without a hitch. The event manager has got it covered.

Cruise Ship Staff

If staying in one place isn’t your thing, why not head out to sea? Cruise ships are floating resorts, almost floating cities, that employ a number of different professionals… all to make sure the passenger experience stays afloat.

When looking for a job on a cruise ship, you can expect to find positions for security, restaurant staff, mechanics, housekeeping, retail, lifeguards, and so much more. And with some luxury cruises, you can expect to find almost as many employees as there are passengers. Now that’s a lot of opportunities.

Hospitality and Tourism Careers for 2018 Are Hot

So you see, there really is a place for everyone in hospitality and tourism careers. Whether you like to stay behind the scenes or out where all the action is, there is a position for you in the industry that you love.

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