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The 3 Most Important Job Hunting Tips

You’ve heard all the basics — tailor your cover letter, research the company, etc. But, landing a dream job usually requires a lot more effort than what we’re led on to believe.

Our job market is only getting more competitive, largely due to our growing population. Hundreds of thousands of millennials are entering the job force each year. This figure will only keep growing.

So, if you’re looking to switch or find a new career, you’ve got to be ready. Here are the 3 most important job hunting tips.

1. Ditch the Cliches

The average corporate job opening sees nearly 250 resumes. HR professionals have heard all of the cliches. So, find better, more elaborate ways to describe yourself.

Instead of saying that you’re a perfectionist, explain how you pay meticulous attention to detail. If you’re a social butterfly, talk about the ways you’re involved at your current position.

It’s not enough to just drop some buzzwords onto your resume and hope they stick. A resume is your one chance to make a lasting impression on the hiring manager.

When they’re reviewing, they need to see actual ways you add value to a team, rather than generalizations. Here are some words that you should avoid at all costs on a resume or cover letter.

2. Limit Your Search

It’s tempting to just send out a hundred resumes and hope someone gets back to you. For one, it’s a total waste of time since most recruiters are looking for a pretty specific skill set.

But, also, by doing this, it’s likely you’re not putting as much time into your application as you should. To be the most successful, you need to be as specific as possible in your cover letter, resume, etc.

No one has the time to complete 100 well-thought-out applications that are tailored to each company.

So, maximize your time and efforts by only applying to the ones you’re very interested in. Use sites like SearchWide, which allow you to search by industry.

3. Practice Listening

When we talk about communication skills, we’re often referring to being better conversationalists. But, we often forget that listening is just as important as responding.

This is one of the most important job hunting tips because so many people lack this skill. We tend to ramble on and on in interviews, or fully miss the question.

By honing in on your listening skills, you’ll be able to give your interviewer a more thought-out, relevant answer. After a question, it’s so very important for you to fully understand what they’re asking and answer appropriately.

What are Your Best Job Hunting Tips?

After you’ve applied, what’s your next move? Do you follow up with the interviewer? How do you nail a phone interview?

If you’re wondering any of the above questions, then you’re in the right place. At ULearning, we prepare our students in their journey to finding a dream job.

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