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Why You Should Consider a Career in the Marijuana Industry

Is it time to change careers?

You should consider a switch to the marijuana industry. Yes, weed.

Since becoming legal in more and more states, working with marihuana has become a legitimate career path that can pay very well.

Believe it or not, there are jobs in the industry that pay upwards of $100,000 a year.

If you’re looking for a change in careers, stay tuned.

You’re about to learn why it pays to get a job in the industry, the jobs available, and how to land the perfect marijuana job.

Why Marijuana Jobs?

The big reason for the marijuana green rush is because of the change in laws throughout the country. Even with an administration that’s not very friendly to the industry, it’s going to grow like a weed.

Greenwave Advisors notes that if the current administration creates policies to hamper the industry, it’s due to make $18 billion by 2021. If the industry is largely left alone, those sales numbers can climb as high as $30 billion.

Investors are seeing the industry as a golden opportunity and are backing marijuana companies. There is money flowing into the industry right now, which means that marijuana jobs are hot.

Types of Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

You might be wondering if you got a job in the industry, would you be a professional stoner? Probably not. You still have to work, and the job is probably more fun than sitting in a cubicle all day staring at a computer screen.

Here’s a small sample of some of the jobs you can get in the marijuana industry.

Bud Trimmer

A cutter is primarily an entry-level job in the industry. You’ll get paid around $12-$15 an hour to trim leaves from the bud of the marihuana plant.

This is a good way to get started in the industry if you have little work experience and you can work your way up.

Edibles Chef

This job is part pharmacist, part chef. You’ll be responsible for creating edible creations that not only taste good but contain the appropriate doses for safe consumption.

Depending on your work history, you could earn between $50,000 – $100,000 a year.


There is high demand for people who can cultivate the best marijuana strains. The top growers can easily make $100,000.

This is a specialized job because you have to know how to combine and produce new strains to keep the product fresh for clients.

Dispensary Owner

Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug?

This can be a lucrative business that pays you $100,000 and up if you’re successful.

You must know how to run a business, which can take up a lot of your time. You also have to know the local and state marijuana laws inside and out. Since they seem to be changing often, your primary job is to stay current with all laws and ordinances and make sure your shop stays in compliance.

Security Guard

This is one of the most important jobs in the marijuana industry for two reasons. The first is that marijuana still commands a high price on the black market, despite it being decriminalized and legal in some states.

The second is that banking regulations have tightened throughout the industry, especially dispensaries. This means that they deal mostly in cash.

For a billion-dollar industry, there could be a lot of cash on-site that a criminal would love to get their hands on.

To get a security job, you’d have to be certified and licensed to carry a firearm.

Marketing Guru

With more marijuana companies cropping up every day, there’s more competition. Marketing becomes an important factor for companies to stand out from the crowd.

You’ll need to have a handle on marketing strategy and branding, social media, and SEO.

Take a look at Healthy Hemp and notice how they position themselves. They do a great job identifying their target market (people who want high-quality natural products), and writing content to speak directly to them.

How to Get a Job in the Marijuana Industry

If the entrepreneurial path isn’t for you, there are still plenty of ways to make a living in the industry.

The first thing that you’ll want to do is choose your career path. You might decide that you want to start at the bottom as a cutter to learn about the industry and work your way up the cannabis ladder.

Once you decide on your path, you’ll want to start looking for jobs. There are job boards that cater to the marijuana industry. Some of those boards are:

Even though there are a good amount of jobs available thanks to high growth in the industry, the competition can still be fierce among applicants. Companies have their choice and only want the best of the best.

You have to present yourself perfectly to land that job. Here’s what you need to do…

First off, and this seems obvious, but read the job description. Really read it and ask yourself why that job would be a perfect fit for you and for them.

When you have your answer, you’ll want to note that in your cover letter. Just like a corporate job, you still have to have a resume and cover letter ready to send.

Make sure you get the name of the hiring manager so you can address your letter to that person. It’s a way to stand out from everyone who sends a cover letter with “Dear Sir/Madam.”

If you happen to land an interview, you need to prepare for it. Read up on everything you know about the company. Learn who the key players are within the organization and who they are competing against.

If you’ve had a long layoff from the workforce, you can still get a job in the marijuana industry. You just need to be prepared to handle questions in the interview.

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

If you want to take a shot at finding your place in the marijuana industry, it’s time to start planning your career. It can be a lucrative career change and now is the time to jump in!

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