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8 Tips for Having a Successful Nursing Career

Nursing is a growing field that employed almost 3 million people as of 2016.

If you’re interested in joining these ranks of selfless healthcare professionals, here is some advice to help you succeed. Read on for 8 tips for having successful nursing career!

1. Set Goals

Once you’ve decided you want to pursue a nursing career, it’s important to set goals. Set a realistic time frame for how soon you want to complete your education.

After that, set yearly goals. This could be obtaining a specific job, joining a professional organization, or getting a promotion. Don’t let yourself become stagnant- always continue to seek out opportunities for growth.

2. Be A Team Player

As a nurse, you will no doubt be part of a team. Healthcare has a team approach, so you will be will collaborating with not only fellow nurses, but also other healthcare professionals.

No matter their status, treat every member of the team with the same respect that you expect to receive. Tensions can run high when things get hectic, so you’ll want to be willing to pitch in to lend a hand instead of adding to the stress.

3. Ask Questions

Learning never stops, so questions should never stop. If you don’t understand something or need clarification, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Be sure to time your questions appropriately so that they are not occurring in the middle of patient care or when the person is too busy to give you a complete answer.

4. Find a Mentor

Whether the place you work offers a professional mentorship program or not, it’s a good idea to seek out a mentor to enrich your nursing career.

If there is a senior nurse who you particularly look up to or who has been helpful, approach her and ask if she would be willing to act as your mentor. There’s no better person to learn from than something who has lived through it.

5. Keep Resume Up-To-Date

It’s vital in your nursing career to keep a current resume.

Any time you take training or add skills to your repertoire, make sure to also put them on your resume. That way, you won’t have to try to remember all of it when it comes time to apply for new jobs.

6. Consider Further Education

In order to earn more and also have more responsibility, you might want to consider furthering your education. You could obtain a Masters (MSN) in nursing, which would open up your nursing career opportunities even wider. MSN jobs include nursing leadership and facility executive positions.

7. Evaluate Your Wardrobe

Your clothes speak. Don’t let them say the wrong thing.

Go through your closet and assess each piece that you wear to work. Is is appropriate business attire? Does it attract the right sort of attention?

8. Build Relationships

Relationships are important in any career and building them is an important skill. From the hospital janitor to the most veteran doctor, every interaction you have is an opportunity to enrich a relationship.

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Your Successful Nursing Career Is Calling

With the current nursing shortage and the predicted need for over 1 million more nurses in the next five years, this is the perfect career to get into now!

Follow these tips for a rewarding lifelong job!