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8 Interesting Facts About Education Around the World

School is something we take for granted. You get up in the morning, head to a nearby building with a few thousand other students, and you learn; it’s simple.

But education varies wildly depending on where you are.

In this list, we explore eight interesting facts about education throughout the world.


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development collected data from all over the world about how much homework children receive, and children in Shanghai, China came out way ahead. The average fifteen-year-old in Shanghai spends almost fourteen hours a week on homework, putting them far ahead of everyone else.

Russian children, who came in second, don’t even spend ten hours a week on homework.

The Netherlands

Most children in The Netherlands attend pre-school or daycare when they are very young, but then, on the day after their fourth birthday, they transition directly into primary school.

This means that every day is someone’s first day of school in The Netherlands.


King’s School, which serves as both a day school and a boarding school, was founded in Canterbury, England in 597 AD and hasn’t missed a school-year since. This makes it the oldest continually operating school in the world.

The much older Shishi High School in China was founded in 141 BC and is currently operational. However, it closed its doors at various points throughout its history.


The area around Alice Springs, Australia is incredibly vast and empty, but it is also home to plenty of school-aged children. These children are too remote to travel to school, so the Alice Springs School of the Air gives them lessons over the radio.

United States

There are many schools, such as Spring Arbor University Online, that offer a superb education within the context of a Christian world-view. It turns out that you can have the best of both worlds.


The City Montessori School, located in Lucknow, India, had a record-breaking 39,437 students in 2010.

Education Leads to Higher Incomes

This is definitely one of the most important facts about education.

UNESCO has found that each additional year a child attends school will raise their future income by 10%. This means that every year of education is important. If a child in a low-income country has the chance to attend even a single year of school, it’s absolutely worth it that they do so.

How Money Could Send Every Adolescent to School

Unfortunately, a huge proportion of the world’s adolescents don’t attend school. But Unesco has found that we could fix this completely for just $39 billion a year.

That might seem like a lot of money, but when you remember that the US has a GDP of over $18 trillion, it starts to look like a reasonable investment.

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