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Benefits of Free Employee Scheduling Software

Are you considering free employee scheduling software for your business?

You might be wondering if this software is worth the time it takes to learn it and train your employees to use it. Will it really be better than the system you currently have?

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to some of the surprising benefits you might not have thought about. Once you try free employee scheduling software, you’ll wonder how you got by without it for so long.

Read on to learn what this software can do for your business!

1. Access Schedules at Any Time

When you use software that’s stored on the cloud, you can view or change employee schedules at any time.

Since the internet revolutionized the way we do business, many people work at least some of their hours from home. This is especially true for managers who do schedules and other behind-the-scenes work, since you don’t need to be present on the job site to do these things.

Many popular scheduling software solutions are cloud-based, which means the information is stored on the internet where you can access it at any time.

Not only can you access and make changes, but you can also share it with your employees anytime, from anywhere. This makes communication much faster and easier. There won’t be any more confusion, missed messages, or back-and-forths regarding the schedule when you use a cloud-based system.

Since employees will be able to view their schedule on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, they no longer run the risk of missing schedule updates and shift changes. This reduces all kinds of schedule problems at work, and makes life easier for everyone involved.

2. Offer Notifications for Employees

Mobile-optimized software can not only allow employees to view their schedules anywhere, at any time, but can also send push notifications about any schedule updates.

This eliminates the need for them to continually log in to check if changes have been made. Automatic notifications reduce the stress or worry of wondering if a change to their basic timesheet will be missed. This way, they’ll be notified as soon as a change is made.

Make sure, if the system offers an app, that it works on both iOS, Android, and other mobile systems, so all your employees can use it. Once all your employees have the app, you can make as many changes to their schedules as you need, and they’ll get the notification no matter where they are.

3. Make Schedule Changes Seamlessly

If you’ve done a lot of schedules before, you know that a change to one aspect of the schedule can throw everything else off. This ripple effect causes major challenges as you try to make everything work together.

However, when you use software, you can make as many new schedules as you need to. Instead of trying to wrangle your existing schedule into shape, you can easily start fresh anytime changes need to be made. You can re-use your templates if you find something that works well, too.

And with every published schedule change, the appropriate employees will automatically be notified, saving you time on drafting needless emails to send out.

4. Reduce Delays

Since employees can see their schedule changes right away, they can also communicate any changes they need much faster. This reduces delays and challenging last-minute changes to the schedule.

You can even use in-app communication options so employees can request time off, trade shifts, or make other changes quickly and easily. When things get busy, you and your employees will appreciate the ability to make changes fast.

Employee self-scheduling also takes some of the pressure off of you, since they won’t need to make a request or go through you for simple changes like a shift trade. Letting employees negotiate among themselves takes the pressure of filling shifts off of you.

5. Improve Employee Retention

The schedule is a huge factor in employee happiness. Happy employees are more likely to stick around and not leave for another job that gives them a better schedule.

With free employee scheduling software, your employees can ensure they’re only scheduled when they’re actually free. They won’t have to navigate a schedule that conflicts with their other jobs, appointments, and obligations. There won’t be any confusion about schedule changes and updates.

This means that your employees will be more likely to stay with the company. Not only that, but they’re also probably going to be more willing to pick up extra shifts or work harder when asked to, because they know their employer really cares about them and their schedule needs.

6. Offers a Communication Platform

Many types of free employee scheduling software also offers a platform for other types of communication.

Even if it’s not directly schedule-related, you’ll be able to send quick, easy messages to your employees whenever you need to, and vice versa. This is quicker than an email and more professional than a text, making it a great option for keeping things running smoothly.

7. Makes Recording Hours Worked Easy

In this scheduling software, you can easily and automatically keep track of how many hours an employee really worked.

Most of these apps track employee hours for you, so you can quickly check hours scheduled against hours worked. If employees can clock in and out on the app, things get still easier. Their working hours will always be logged correctly, so you can do payroll much faster, with fewer mistakes.

8. Keeps Things Confidential

Free employee scheduling software will automatically keep employee messages and information confidential. It’s important to protect employee confidentiality, because this keeps their trust and prevents security breaches that can seriously harm your business.

Looking for Free Employee Scheduling Software?

There are many different kinds of scheduling software out there, so you can easily find one that meets your needs. No matter which one you choose, it’s time to move away from outdated spreadsheets and emails, and modernize the way you do the schedule.

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