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5 Awesome Jobs You Can Land With A Marketing Degree

If you’re like most people, earning a college degree isn’t just a luxury or a piece of paper to hang on the wall. You want your degree to work for you once you enter the workforce.

According to statistics compiled by the Economic Policy Institute, college graduates earned, on average, 56% more than high school graduates in 2015.

Earning your marketing degree can launch you into one of many high-paying careers you wouldn’t be able to attain otherwise.

In this article, we’re going to detail 5 great jobs your marketing degree can help land you.

Let’s take a look.

Marketing Manager

Can you combine your creativity with critical business skills? If so, a career as a marketing manager might be perfect for you.

Once you land this position, your primary duty will be determining product and service trends while matching them with the highest performing markets.

You’ll work with the sales team, advertising department, and finance to spot consumer needs. You’ll also develop products and services and oversee your company’s advertising campaigns.

Job outlook: 10% growth rate from 2016-2026

Median pay: $129,380 per year

Of course, with a Master’s Degree, you can earn substantially more than the median pay. Read more here about how you can do this online.

Promotions and Advertising Manager

This is an amazing career or someone who dreams of working on big advertising projects for top companies and advertising agencies.

As a promotions and advertising Manager, you’ll be working with sales teams, art directors, and clients to create compelling advertising campaigns that create consumer interest in new products and services.

Do you value your creativity and writing ability? Are you good at working with people who require short deadlines?

If so, this could be the career path for you.

Job outlook: 10% growth rate from 2016-2026

Median pay: $129,380 per year

Sales Manager

As a sales manager, you’ll oversee a team of salespeople by assigning territories, set sales quotas, train your sales reps, and establish sales techniques and plans.

You’ll work with marketing managers on a daily basis to determine product sales potential and improve overall profitability.

To excel as a sales manager, you’ll need some basic accounting knowledge, have a strong interest in sales strategy, and be able to effectively manage a team.

Job outlook: 7% growth rate from 2016-2026

Median pay: $121,060 per year

Marketing Research Analyst

Do you have a knack for staying on top of, or even ahead of, consumer trends?

A marketing research analyst is responsible for analyzing developing products and services and determining the likelihood of their success in the current market.

You’ll also provide valuable input on product design for new products based on research and market tests.

To succeed in this career, you’ll need strong math skills with a statistics background. It’s also important to possess high-level critical thinking and analytical skills.

Job outlook: 23% growth rate from 2016-2026

Median pay: $63,230 per year

Public Relations Specialist

Companies count on their public relations specialists to manage their overall image and gauge consumer perception of their brand. PR specialists constantly monitor consumer opinion and help shape brand awareness.

If you’re social, don’t mind working long hours, and enjoy going to publicity functions, a career as a PR specialist would be a sweet spot for you.

Job outlook: 9% growth rate from 2016-2026

Median pay: $59,300 per year

Get Your Marketing Degree Working For You

Now that you’ve seen 5 awesome jobs that your marketing degree can land you, it’s time to buckle down and earn that degree!

But even beyond that, if you’re looking to get a further jump on your competition, jumpstart your career path with practical online courses that unlock real-world opportunities.