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5 Reasons Obtaining a Master’s Degree is Worth It

Is obtaining a master’s degree worth it?

The average cost of a master’s degree can be anywhere between $30,000 and $120,000. That depends on the school and the program.

To make that kind of investment in time and money, you want to be sure that there’s a big return on investment.

Some studies have shown that on average, people with graduate degrees earn about $400,000 more than those with just bachelor’s degrees.

Here are five other reasons to attend graduate school.

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1. It’s a Different Student Experience

You may remember the days as an undergrad. Keggers, frat parties, and many sleepless nights studying. Being in grad school is nothing like that.

You’re surrounded by other students who want to be there for the education, not to party. Not only that, grad school classes are smaller and more personalized than an undergrad program.

You’re likely to work on team projects, rather than listen to lectures.

2. Incredible Networking Opportunities

There’s a certain level of pride that people have in where they went to school. That extends into graduate school, too.

You have access to all of the alumni that went to that institution. You can tap into that network to connect with people, and help you find a great job.

Since you went to the same school, you immediately have something to bond about, and it creates instant rapport.

3. Opportunity to Change Careers

Some people use a graduate degree to change careers.

For example, if you built your career as a salesperson, and that’s all your resume mentioned, you’re most likely going to get passed over for marketing jobs.

You can get a master’s degree in marketing or communications. You can then add the degree and marketing related projects to your resume, making you stand out.

4. Sharpen Your Skills & Knowledge

Even if you don’t want to change careers, a obtaining a master’s degree will help you sharpen your skills and knowledge.

Let’s say you have had a great career so far in accounting. That degree will help you take an analytical approach to business, making you more valuable to your employer.

You can even take online MBA programs, such as this one from the University of Redlands.

5. You’re a Lifelong Learner

Learning doesn’t happen only until you’re 22-23 years old. It’s a lifelong process. Technology is changing faster than ever and you need to stay on top of those changes.

Even if the high cost of a graduate education is a challenge, you may be able to have your employer foot part of the bill.

Is Obtaining a Master’s Degree Worth It?

Deciding to pursue a master’s degree can be a very difficult choice. Yet, with so many people in the job market with bachelor’s degrees, you can put yourself ahead of the pack in a tight job market.

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