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4 Tips For The Global Expansion Of Your Business

You might think of small businesses as having localized clientele, but nearly 60% of small businesses work with an international market. If you’re thinking about making a global expansion, it might not be as hard as you think it is. Selling in another country is more about where your products can be found than whether you’re a local.

If you want to sell overseas, you should have a liaison that’s based in the country you’re trying to sell in. Having someone on the ground to advocate for you is invaluable.

To take your business to the next level and start selling across borders, make sure you abide by these four rules to succeed.

1. Make Sure You’re On Local Directories

Just like you need to be on Yelp and Google My Business in your native country, a global business needs to know what’s going on around the world. Not every country relies on these services to tell people about your brand. See what people are using in each country you’re trying to expand to and make sure you’re registered for those services.

Your products might serve a different population in a different country. If you serve middle class people in a high GDP country, you might be considered luxury in a low GDP market. Research which directories your competitors are using to find out where you need to be.

2. Check Out Your Competitors

You should also be researching your competitors for practical reasons. When you move into new territory, someone else will likely have been there before. Research them so that you can learn from their mistakes and learn more about what you can do better.

Getting to know what people want and what people don’t want from products and services like yours is the best thing you can learn from opposition research.

3. Do Some Translation

Make sure you’ve got a strong translator if you’re planning on moving into a country that speaks a different language than yours. Just plugging things into a digital translator might get some basic elements but you’ll miss out on nuance, slang, and how people really talk.

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When you plan to make a global expansion, make sure all of your text has been vetted in advance. Hire a designer to review all of your materials. Make sure they know about the culture where you’re going to be advertising so they can tell you whether it fits in or not.

4. Know The Local Culture

So much of sales is in knowing the market who you’re trying to sell to. If everyone wears linens because it’s a warm climate, it could be hard to sell even the coolest looking leather gloves.

Get to know who you’re trying to sell to and whether or not they really need your products. The more research you do in advance, the better prepared you’ll be for anything that comes your way.

Global Expansion Is Easy With The Right Product

Depending on your products or services, it could be easy to sell to a market that’s never seen your products before. However, if you’re totally alien to a new market, you might have to do a lot of prep work. Make sure you give yourself time to adjust.

If you’re looking to improve your SEO for your global expansion, check out our guide to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to optimize.