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10 Tips to Help You Beat Online Casinos

Gambling is meant to be a fun, action-packed experience. There is just something irresistible about saving yourself from losing irreversibly. You want to win, you want to beat the odds!

You do have an opponent, though. It’s more than fun and games to the house.

Unless you don’t mind losing money, you want to learn all that you can from what other people have learned by playing before you.

We’ve done the math for you. Here are our ten tips on how to beat online casinos.

1. Play at the Top Sites

Pick your casino the same way you would pick an investment. Make sure they’re credible and that they have a good reputation.

Check that they have your favorite games and that those games work well with your computer and your internet connection. Also, it’s a good idea to look for the places that choose the fastest payout.

Begin your search with different online casino recommendations. FUN88 is a good place to try.

2. Look for a Good House Edge

Understand which games and bets give you the lowest house edge per bet. House edge is measured by how much the casino pays versus what true odds would pay.

For example, take craps. The simple “proposition bets” in the middle of the table have a higher house edge than the pass line bet. “Hopping the hard 10” (betting that the next roll is a five and five, which is harder than rolling a six and four) pays 30:1. But the true chance of a hard 10 happening is 1/36.

This means that the casino pays out less than what the bet is worth. That’s how online casinos make their money.

The house edge of a pass line bet is more involved because there are more ways for it to win. But its much lower than for any proposition bets.

The house edge the specific bets of certain casino games can be found well documented at other sites around the internet.

3. Do Not Chase Your Loss

You can’t win them all. Sometimes you find that you are on a downward trend from the very start of your online session.

When that happens, it’s important to remember that it’s normal. It happens to everyone on occasion. Don’t try to win it all back through big wagers or high-risk bets with poor house edges.

Be graceful and humble when you lose. Stay within your session’s bankroll. Take a break and try again another time.

4. Don’t Drink While You Gamble

If you’re playing with real money, do not drink and gable.

It’s important that you stay alert and prepared to make the best choices.

Getting drunk during an online gambling session is a surefire way to lose your money fast and hard.

Stay level-headed and sober to beat online casinos as best you can.

5. Learn and Use a Strategy

Some games, like poker, pit players against each other. These are games of strategy.

Smart players who know how to manage their money and what moves they need to make are always going to have the statistical edge over their less-informed counterparts. You can never know too much when you play a game of strategy.

Try to remember that not all games are strategy games. If a game is random, it means there are no patterns. Strategies only come into play when there are strategies that you can study.

You fall prey to gamblers fallacy if you expect the odds to change from game to game on a random betting system.

Keeping track of dice rolls and imagining you see patterns in them is only you thinking wishfully.

Stick to your low house edge bets and hope for the outcomes where the odds are in your favor. And when you hit your goal, quit.

Casinos make their big money on a ton of small wins. There’s no reason you shouldn’t feel the same way they do.

Discipline yourself to win and walk away.

6. Play Within Your Limits

Set limits during your session and stick to them. We could repeat this a thousand times and it would never be enough. Stick to the limits you set for yourself because they keep you comfortable, and they keep your mind where it needs to be.

You don’t want to let your gambling get out of control, allowing yourself to see it as something more important than what it is. You’ll get cocky and you’ll lose big.

7. Don’t Play Tired

This goes hand in hand with playing when you’re drunk. In games where you need strategy and skill, it’s important that you have all of your faculties about you.

Don’t operate your bankroll while drowsy.

8. Collect the Best Bonuses

Pay attention to the bonuses your chosen casino offers. A lot of online casinos offer them as an opportunity for you to get free money.

Here are some of the bonuses you could qualify for.

Welcome Bonuses

Every online casino offers these bonuses. Whether you get free spins or deposit match, these casinos are offering you free money.

Most of them are 100% match deposit bonuses, where you put in a certain amount of money and you get double that back from the casino.

This is a great way for you to have a better chance at winning and increasing your bankroll.

Some casinos offer lower bonuses, but some offer up to 500%!

Before you choose your casino, measure the wagering requirements and cash out amounts.

No Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is normal for most online casinos. The player doesn’t have to make a deposit to get the benefits of these bonuses.

It lets the players try out a casino for free.

In order to get these benefits, all you have to do is register an account.

If you win big while playing on a no-deposit bonus, the casino will ask that you put money in before you withdraw.

As with anything else, read the terms and conditions and pay attention to wagering requirements.

There are a few other types of bonuses as well.

  • Monthly and reload bonuses
  • Payment method bonuses
  • VIP and high roller bonuses
  • Refer a friend bonuses

The main purpose of a casino is to get people to sign up. Do your homework and don’t sign up for something that’ll lose you money.

9. Free Play

The best online casinos offer a lot of games that you can play for fun. They work the same as the games that you can play for real money, but you win points instead.

They aren’t for real money, but they’re a great way to take a break from how intense real gambling can be. They can also help you hone your skills!

10. Know When You Need to Quit

This is the most important way to win and make sure you stay in the black. When you lose money that you have allotted to yourself, it’s no fun. But when you lose money you cant afford to lose, you’re going too far.

Don’t prioritize gambling over family, friends, work, and basic financial survival.

Set yourself a quitting line. If you hit the line, quit the game.

Beating Online Casinos

There’s no surefire way to make sure that you win in a gamble against an online casino. But it becomes easier, and more fun, beating online casinos when you follow the above practices.

If you’re interested in choosing the best online casinos, visit us today!