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9 Reasons Why You Should Start a Magnet Collection

Many psychologists have spent the past 100 years trying to understand why people collect things. While there might be a lot of reasons you’ve started your magnet collection, what keeps you going is totally unique. Once you start collecting, you build a relationship to the objects you collect that’s more akin to parenthood than anything else.

If you’re thinking about collecting something unique, here are six reasons why you should start a magnet collection.

1. They’re Cheap

Starting a magnet collection is one of the most fiscally responsible types of collections you can start. If you love to collect things to look back on for later, collecting magnets means that you can collect a wide variety of items without ever breaking the bank.

If you get into baseball cards, old movies, camera equipment, or vinyl records, there will inevitably be some holy grail that will cost you an arm and a leg. In most types of collecting, what’s interesting to people about the act of collecting is how much things are worth. If that’s not your style, magnet collecting is for you.

There are so few magnets that are some kind of rare, out of print, super special edition that you can collect purely based on what appeals to you. They’ll be pennies on the dollar for a massive pile of them at a yard sale. They might just give them away to you at a flea market.

If you need your hobbies to be cheap, collecting magnets is the one for you.

2. They’re a Good Souvenir

Magnets are often printed to commemorate an event, a time, or a place. They’ll be made to let people know that you or someone else traveled to Mount Rushmore. They’re created to recognize some great achievement like a bicentennial or an anniversary.

They make a great souvenir for this reason. If you travel around the world, you’ll find magnets at every gift store. They’re inexpensive and light, so if you decide to collect them as you travel, you won’t have any trouble packing them.

They’re found just about everywhere. There are few places on the planet where the magnet or the refrigerator magnet doesn’t have a presence. If there are refrigerators, there are sure to be magnets.

3. They’re Practical

What’s great about magnets is not only are they decorative, but they’re also quite practical. They serve a purpose by their very nature while also being uniquely decorative.

There are large magnets that have the purpose of hanging things on them. These can be decorative or they can be purely utilitarian.

There are other types of magnets have sculpted figures built on top of them. These sculptural magnets also serve the purpose of holding things on your metal surfaces. No matter what a magnet looks like, if it sticks to the surface, it’s practical.

4. They Make Good Gifts

IF you like to pick things up for friends and family while you travel, nothing beats a magnet. If you’re looking for a cute little gift to give a friend or a coworker, a magnet is a perfect solution.

Magnets can be wrapped easily. Magnets can also easily slip into a card or into a Christmas stocking in December. If you have a friend who collects magnets, you could get them dozens of them for just a few dollars.

Magnets are a fun little gift that is sure to be used. While you might be disappointed to see that your friend or loved one doesn’t use the gift you got them, their magnet will surely end up on their fridge. You can help add to their own magnet collection by picking up strange or unique magnets during your travels.

Take a walk through any flea market and you’ll find the one item that is consistently cheap, no matter the price, is a magnet.

5. They Have History

Since magnets retain their magnitude for so long, an old magnet can last forever. Magnets don’t go bad or expire, so you can find magnets that are older than you are that could be in fantastic shape. Finding high-quality old magnets is as fun as it is rare.

Old magnets hold a lot of history inside them. As stated above, they are created to mark a specific time or place. They hold a degree of history in them that few collectors’ items do.

Take some time to learn more about how these decorative items became so popular.

Old magnets have more than just history. They can tell a story. Most magnets have enough information on them that you can pick up what was going on at the time.

6. There are So Many to Collect

Since just about any company under the sun can create a magnet, there are so many you can possibly collect. Many magnets are made in a one-off press kind of way. Once those magnets are gone, there will be no more.

Unless they’re printed with a truly iconic image or phrase, magnets are generally forgettable. That’s what makes them such a great object to collect. You’ll have the potential to write the narrative of who made them and how.

With companies, governments, and individuals allowed to create magnets, there’s no telling where your favorite magnet could be printed from. Meanwhile, there are lots of people making their own interesting magnets that might catch your eye. Those are the truly rare gems.

A Magnet Collection Has Personal Value

While a magnet collection doesn’t necessarily have a lot of monetary value, it can hold a lot of personal significance for the person with the collection. If you spend years building up your collection, it’s hard to let go of it. If you decide to build a magnet collection, know that you might end up getting attached.

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