10 Paths To Freedom: How Can I Work For Myself?

Learn How To Start a Freelance Business, and How To Use Personality Testing To Choose The Right Business For You | taught by Dan Johnston

Course description

Maybe you've always felt you were a little different...

You’ve always felt the typical career path wasn't for you...

Something about cubicles and florescent lights always bugged you...

You've never enjoyed reporting to a boss in much the same way a kindergarten student reports to their teacher...

And you really, REALLY, can’t imagine spending the next 30 or 40 years of your life locked in an office or sitting behind the counter at a bank.

But, you aren't sure what else is out there.

I bet if I was sitting there with you right now, you'd turn to me and say something like...

"Yes, but I don't know what else I can do?" What other options do I have?"

Well, I’ve got good news. You have many.

You may have already heard terms like "Digital Nomad" or "Location Independent".

You might have heard stories of people, perhaps a friend of a friend, who "does their own thing" and "just seems to keep travelling".

You'll learn many of the ways they do it inside this course.

I remember shortly after filming this course I was walking through the streets of Prague on a Tuesday afternoon and speaking to a friend of mine about travel and working for yourself.

She says:

"OK YES, I want that! I want to do something meaningful, but I want to work for myself! But I don't know where to start! What can I do!?"

And I tell her:

Funny you should say that, I literally just finished filming a course about this. I guess it will actually be really helpful for people!

The truth is, few people ever take the time to think about their life and actively design or plan for what they want.

Since you're here, I'm going to assume you're one of the few willing to invest at least a few hours in designing the kind of life you really want.

So before we get into the options, you need to know something very important:

-There is no "one size fits all" option for everyone-

Believe it or not, there are human beings who actually enjoy accounting.

Who love the security of an office.

For them, it may actually be the perfect job.

But that isn't you.

So in this course we are going to talk a bit about personality types and self discovery.

You'll even have a little homework that will help you learn more about yourself, and gain clarity about your options.

And while we are on the topic of options, we will discuss plenty of them inside the course. Since you're already looking at better ways of living, why not aim for the sky and go for the best?

You will learn at least a dozen ways you can earn a location independent income.

This means that your income isn't tying you to your home country or city.

You'll be free to travel and explore the world, all while earning enough money to pay for your adventures as you go...

Why not set your sights on a life rich in freedom, travel, and personal development?

Inside this course you'll learn about 10 different types of freelancing you can do to start working for yourself, this month.

Some are more complex, such as programming, but others don't require any previous education or training, and you can learn them online (for free), in just a couple of months.

You'll probably discover one or two types of freelancing you have a natural talent for, or some past experience with. This will shorten your learning curve even more.

Freelancing is a great way to be independent and design the kind of life you want.

At the same time, you can use your skills to meaningfully contribute to other entrepreneurs and business owners.

Imagine doing work you enjoy and actually experiencing the results. Your work is helping someone else live their dream, while financing your own.

Join this course today and discover a world of meaningful work, great pay, and limitless freedom.

Dan Johnston
Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston

[email protected]

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1: Why I Made This Course, and Why You Should Take It
Lecture 2: What Do Lifestyle Designers Do Differently From Regular People?
Lecture 3: Should You Become a Digital Nomad?
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Section 2: The Meat and Potatoes
Lecture 4: Freelance Opportunity #1 - Programming
Lecture 5: Freelance Opportunity #2 - SEO Consulting and Services
Lecture 6: Freelance Opportunity #3 - Adwords and Advertising Consultant
Lecture 7: The Two Most Important Considerations When Choosing Your Path
Lecture 8: Freelance Opportunity #4 - Project Manager
Lecture 9: Freelance Opportunity #5 - Social Media Manager or Consultant
Lecture 10: Freelance Opportunity #6 - Graphic Designer
Lecture 11: More Insights on Choosing The Right Freelance Profession For YOU
Lecture 12: Freelance Opportunity #7 - Branding or Marketing Consultant
Lecture 13: Freelance Opportunity #8 - Web Development
Lecture 14: Freelance Opportunity #9 - Coaching and Consulting
Lecture 15: Freelance Opportunity #10 - Writing
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Section 3: Going Deeper: Getting To Know Yourself Better So You Can Choose Your Right Path
Lecture 16: 3 Ways To Learn About Yourself and Gain Clarity on Your Future
Lecture 17: Getting To Know Yourself - The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test
Lecture 18: How To Use The Results, Next Steps, and Making a Choice
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Section 4: Other Options For Location Independence + Working For Yourself
Lecture 19: Other Options For Location Independence + Working For Yourself
Lecture 19: Other Options For Location Independence + Working For Yourself
Lecture 20: I Just Can't Wait - I Need To Change My Scenery This Month!
Lecture 21: Warning: How To Spot Sleazy Marketers and B.S. Promises
Lecture 22: Why Freelancing?
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Section 5: Conclusion and Next Steps
Lecture 23: Conclusion and Summary
Lecture 24: Next Steps
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