Business - Talking About Business - 30 Years Of Success

This course is based on my 30 years of interviewing the world's most successful business owners. Learn their secrets! | taught by Alun Hill

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Have you ever wondered how ordinary people run successful businesses?

What are their secrets? Can you be successful in business, too, if you do as they do?

Well - you merely have to follow a few simple rules.

And now they are all revealed in this easy to follow course!

If you're looking to improve your lifestyle, if you want to improve your business, if you want to make a better life for your family, this course is definitely for you.

Simply listen to the secrets of how ordinary people became successful in this exciting fact filled course.

No shortcuts, no "get rich quick" scams, no nonsense.

Just simple, proven steps to wealth and success, easily, quickly and simply.

Give yourself a fresh start by enrolling in this life-changing course now.

Every moment you delay, you lose out. Simple as that.

Alun Hill
Alun Hill
Instructor, Journalist, TV and Radio Broadcaster, Writer

Business and Travel Writing and Broadcasting:

I started my broadcasting career with the BBC when I was a mere British Grammar Schoolboy. I co-hosted a weekly radio show devoted to children, the first of its kind, in what has since become known as the "zoo format". I have since broadcast on many stations around the world, on both TV and Radio. I also now podcast on iTunes under the brand name "Talking About Business".

Talking About Business 24/7 Radio Station

I own and operate the "Talking About Business" internet radio station, which broadcasts business discussions and news worldwide 24 hours a day.

Business Journalism:

I write and film on business for a range of publications and websites, internationally as well as for CNN TV - with an emphasis on marketing and business growth. I also produce radio reports on travel, which are syndicated worldwide.

Online Marketing / SEO:

I have advised internationally companies of all sizes on their online presence, particularly with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and video marketing on YouTube.

I have trained people and companies on Copyright, SEO, Video Marketing, Online Marketing, the use of Press Releases, Twitter, Google Search and the correct usage of Google AdWords and AdSense.

Published Business Books include: "Internet Marketing - All You Need To Know", "Using LinkedIn Successfully - All You Need To Know", "Google And Its' Products" and "Search Engine Optimization For Beginners".

I recently retired as the Technology Editor at Gadgets and Technology News - an Accredited Google News Source.

Travel Journalism:

I write and film on travel for CNN, National Geographic Adventure Channel, and the Sky TV Community Channel, as well as being a "Travel Expert" for AllExperts, which is part of the New York Times Group. I travel extensively, mostly around Europe, but with occasional forays to the Far East and the Caribbean.

I have written over a dozen published travel books and guides and am currently writing 2 travel books, one a guide to cruising at lower cost as well as a full guide to North Korea (the latter may well be funny, but inaccurate in parts).


YouTube: I have over 25 million viewers on my main comedy / satire channel and I have several other channels, which are commentary, training and travel related.

Twitter: I currently have around 80,000 followers on my two Twitter accounts.


Retired: Chartered Institute of Journalists

I recently retired as Council Member, Chair of Pensions and International Members Division, Member of Pensions Committee and of the Professional Practices Board.

The Chartered Institute of Journalists is the oldest professional body for Journalists in the world. It was founded – as the National Association of Journalists – in 1884 and six years later was granted its Royal Charter by Queen Victoria, to protect and serve those employed in the field of journalism.

The Institute combines the role of professional society with that of a trade union.

Retired: British Association of Journalists

"Journalists are the watchdogs of the public. We do a superb job spreading truth and knowledge, defending justice, democracy and fair play, exposing wrong-doing and seeking to make the world a better place".

Member: The Media Society

"We aim to provoke, inspire, surprise, educate and entertain. Come to one of our events to find out who we are and what we're all about. We're a charity, proud of our diverse membership and the work we do to help student journalists.

We play a leading role in the wider debate about a variety of media issues that matter both to our members and to society at large".

Member: The Foreign Press Association

"The FPA was founded in 1888 and is the only association of its kind in the UK.

Politically non-aligned, the FPA is one of the oldest clubs for foreign correspondents in the world. The FPA is a member of the UK Press Card Authority and provides accreditation to more than 1500 journalists every year, representing all media from news agencies to print, broadcast and internet".

Member: The Royal Commonwealth Society

"The Royal Commonwealth Society is an international education charity. With a remit to promote international understanding across the Commonwealth, especially among young people, the RCS has an impressive portfolio of charitable activities.

Our Young Commonwealth Competitions encourage thousands of young people to respond to global challenges through annual creative writing and photography".

Course Curriculum

Let's Start With The Rules Of Getting Rich ...
The Three Types Of Income
The 98% / 2% Unknown Rule
Why Some People Fail ...
The Things Wealthy People Do Differently - And You Should, Too!
Car Hire
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The 10 Rules Of All Self Made Millionaires
The Thought Process
Your Friends
Produce, Don't Consume
What You Don't See On TV
The MSI Secret
Charities and Networking
Exit Strategy
Never Stop Learning
Hustle? Really?
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Secrets Of The Top Business People
How To Succeed Every Time
Some People Don't Reach Their Goals - Here's How You Can!
Can You Become a Wealthy Entrepreneur? Take The Test!
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So, What Do Wealthy People Do Differently?
You Can Instantly Emulate These!
Simple Rules For Success
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Wealthy People Only Use These Professional Marketing And Advertising Secrets
Risk Reversal Always Gets The Most Sales. Always!
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Getting Funding - Crowdfunding
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Common Business Mistakes To Avoid
The Most Common Business Mistakes
The Top 10 Things To Do When Starting a Business
The Top 10 Things NOT To Do When Starting A Business
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"Unusual But Successful" Money Making Methods
Introduction To "Unusual" Money Making Methods
The "419" Real Secret Finally Revealed!
Profitably Selling Gemstones On TV
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