Chemical Dependence: Understanding Addiction

taught by Jef Gazley

Course description

The individual, social, and financial cost of chemical dependence is immense. This course is aimed at demystifying this condition and charts a clear path to recovery for each of the individuals and the entire family. Many of the concepts in this video are the new and innovative thoughts of the author.

This course focuses on the chemistry behind chemical dependence, the symptoms of the condition, how the problem develops and is maintained and how abstinence is best achieved.

Jef Gazley
Jef Gazley
Jef Gazley M.S., LMFT.
Jef Gazley M.S., LMFT, DCC, D.CEP ha practiced psychotherapy for over thirty years and is the owner of since 1998 and He has been practicing energy psychology since 1975. He is trained and certified in both traditional and Ericksonian hypnosis. He is a member in good standing in the American Society For Clinical Hypnosis, National Board For Certified Clinical Hypnosis, The American Psychotherapy And Medical Hypnosis Association, and The International Registry Of Professional Hypnotherapists.

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Course Curriculum

Chemical Dependence: Understanding Adiction -Introduction
Introduction to Chemical Dependence: Understanding Addiction FREE
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Flight, Fight or Freeze Response, the Reption, Mammilian and Human brains
Flight, Fight, and Freeze responses. The 3 brains, Reptilian, Mammilian and Human
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Neurotransmitters and brain chemistry
Neurotranmitters, endorphins and brain chemistry
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Self Medicating
Self Medicating to avoid pain, physical or emotional
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Defense Mechanisms
Defense Mechanisms rationalizing chemical dependence and addictive behaviors
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Cross Addiction
Cross Addiction substituting one addiction for another
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Costs of Addiction
Costs of addiction, financial, physical and loss of social connection
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The Problem Drinking Continuum
Problem drinking continuum, shame/control/release cycle
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The Wheel of Balance
Wheel of balance to maintain sobriety and avoid relapse. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Volitional
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