NAFC Wellness Consultant

Prepare to help your clients meet goals by guiding them in healthy lifestyle habits, including nutrition, weight management, and quantifiable goal setting. | taught by The National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC)

Course description

"Wellness Consultants guide their clients in the areas of health, fitness, lifestyle education and nutrition coaching. Our Certified Wellness Consultants are prepared to help their clients succeed by guiding them in establishing healthy lifestyle habits and aiding them in setting quantifiable goals. The Wellness Consultant Certification Course includes the following core programs:
• Nutrition Coach Foundations
• Lifestyle Consultant
• Fitness Assessment

*Content Only. Virtual and Live Workshops as well as Certification Test-Out options are available. (Exam required for nationally-accredited certification)."
The National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC)
The National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC)
The National Association for Fitness Certification was established in 1992 to provide scientifically-based, standards-focused education and training for Group Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, and Wellness Consultants. The NAFC's combination of demanding standards, practical application of scientific principles, and affordable program pricing have defined it as the most rapidly-expanding certifying organization in the industry today.

The NAFC was established by a forward-thinking group of fitness professionals, representing expertise in fields including Exercise Physiology, Adaptive Physical Education, Medicine and Nursing, and Professional Coaching. Their desire was to enhance current fitness certification standards by providing access to convenient and comprehensive - yet practical and affordable - education and skills.

To this end, the NAFC offers a hands-on practical experience along with a thorough theoretical program, covering the scientific bases of training (anatomy, biomechanics, physiology); motivation (behavior modification techniques, fitness testing); and diet and nutrition (weight management, the energy-balance equation, body composition). Group Fitness Instructors also receive instruction in working with music and leading effective group exercise sessions.

While many trainers and instructors are "certified," often they are not required to demonstrate practical application of the knowledge they received. NAFC certifications surpass the norm, in requiring that all NAFC students pass a practical examination to demonstrate the ability to apply their education not just on paper, but in practice as well.