RBT Certification Training

Earn more and make a difference as a Registered Behavior Technician. | taught by Anne Catherine Denning, BCBA

Course description

Autism Behavior Intervention - Entry Level is a thorough, high quality, ease of accessibility and affordable course for the interested individual, parent, paraprofessional, Special Education teacher, interventionist wanting to become an RBT or direct of training! Registered Behavior Technicians® can be confident that they are providing the highest quality service for existing and potential clientele. RBT’s® are better qualified and better trained. Not only is this credential important in a business or practice aspect, it helps you stand out from everyone else!

When you choose Consultants for Children Inc., you can count on the friendliest and informative training!

  • Our RBT® program meets the BACB’s RBT® requirement of 40 hours of training
  • Our training is designed around the RBT® Task List
  • We offer not only in office classes, but online classes to suit your individual wants and needs
  • We offer group discounts for employers who want employees to take a step forward in excellence
  • We not only want to create lasting friendships, we want you to succeed!
Anne Catherine Denning, BCBA
Anne Catherine Denning, BCBA
Anne Denning is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Lead Technician and Supervisor with Consultants for Children, Inc (CFCI). Denning obtained her Master’s degree in psychology from Queens College in 1994, receiving the prestigious CUNY award for Exceptional Research and Achievement in the Social Sciences. Ms. Denning has developed and taught several college courses at Queens College and has two papers published from her research there.

Anne has had the opportunity to develop, write and implement staff training protocols, develop staff training evaluations and assessment procedures and organize and collect data for the individual trainees, assesses and develops treatment plans for families and develop training curriculum including the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) training.

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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Intro (ABA, Autism and the RBT)
Workbook Download
Registered Behavior Technician
RBT Task List
What is Autism?
Baby Steps
Sublte Signs of Autism
Glossary of Terms
Maybe campaign by Autism Speaks
Maybe campaign by Autism Speaks
DSM-5 and Autism
Autism - What We Know
Introduction to ABA
ABA Guidelines
Autism Treatment
ABA Verbal Behavior Session
ABA Classroom Case Study
Information and Terminology
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Preparing for Data Collection
Continuous Measurement
Discontinuous Measurement
Permanent Product Recording
Graphing Data
ABC Data
Behavior: As Easy as ABC
Data Collection Guide
Data Collection Method Flowchart
Graphing Handout
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Behavior and Environment
Defining Behavior
Classical and Operant Conditioning
Preference Assessment
Individualized Procedures
Listening and Responding
Functional Assessment
Functional Behavior Assessment
Autism Meltdown at the Mall
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Skill Acquisition
Skill Acquisition
Identify the Written Components
Preparing for the Session
Use of Contingencies
Discrete Trial Training
Implement Natural Teaching Procedures
Implement Task Analyzed Chaining Procedures
Antecedent Variables
Using Visual Supports to Help
Structured Work System in Classroom and at Home
Operant Conditioning: Schedules of Reinforcement
Mand Training
Maintenance and Generalization
Training of Stakeholders
Targeting Social Skills Across the School Day: Lunch Bunch & Beyond
Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention in the Classroom
Teaching Functional Community Behavior
Basics of Positive Reinforcement
Writing Goals to Inform Practice
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 101
Communication Strategies for Early Childhood Professionals Working with Individuals with Autism
Using Visual Supports to Help Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Skill Acquisition
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Behavior Reduction
Behavior Reduction
Common Functions of Behavior
Identify Essential Components of Behavior
Implementation of Interventions
Challenging Behavior in Young Children
Resistive, Escape Behavior – Running Away
Functional Behavior Assessment
Differential Reinforcement Procedures
Implementing Extinction Procedures
Behavior Reduction
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Documentation and Reporting
Documentation and Reporting
Documentation and Reporting
Discipline Standards
Ethics and Professional Boundaries
State Reporting Requirements 1
State Reporting Requirements 2
State Reporting Requirements 3
State Reporting Requirements 4
Documentation and Reporting
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Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice
Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice
Describe Role of RBT in Service Delivery
Respond Appropriately to Feedback
How to Communicate
Identify Methods to Maintain Client Dignity
Identifying Appropriate Behavior
Applied Behavior Analysis and Ethics
Ethics for Behavior Analysts
Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice
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Review RBT Task List
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Additional Videos/Projects
Positive Reinforcement - The Big Bang Theory
Use a Learning Theory: Behaviorism
Sensory Video
Living with Sensory Processing Disorder
Theory of Mind
Auditory Processing Disorder example
Dyslexia for a day
Dyslexia simulation
The Funny Side of Autism
Autism and dog video
What is Stimming
Temple Grandin
BACB Violation Form
Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts
Multiple Stimulus without Replacement
The Forgotten History of Autism
Self Injurious Behaviors
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