How to Self-Publish Your Book in Print and Sell it on Amazon

Self-Publish Your First Print-on-Demand Paperback Book for FREE Using CreateSpace - Convert Kindle Books into Print too! | taught by Steve McDonald

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If you've ever dreamed about publishing a book in print, you
know how overwhelming it can seem. In fact, it used to be almost
impossible to get a book into print without laying out 1,000's of
dollars upfront or already being a famous author.

thanks to new technologies and print-on-demand, you can take an existing
eBook or book manuscript and, following the steps outlined in this
course, publish your first paperback in less than a week using

If you're not familiar with CreateSpace,
it's an Amazon company that allows everyday people to easily create
paperback books to sell on the Amazon marketplace and many other
retailers. The amazing thing about it is that CreateSpace is FREE to
use, and it even includes a free, easy-to-use cover creator with photos
that you can use on the cover of your book free of charge. But as with
anything, there is a learning curve to it and it can be frustrating
trying to get everything in your book just right.

course is designed to walk you through the entire paperback book
creation process and help you get the full use out of the free tools
that CreateSpace has to offer.

This course includes:

  • Coming up with a title for your book to help it sell on Amazon
  • How to write a winning book description
  • Using keywords to help your book sell itself
  • Formatting your book using a pre-formatted template so it looks great in print
  • Creating a free cover with CreateSpace cover creator
  • Outsourcing a custom cover on Fiverr or Elance (optional)
  • How to turn an existing Kindle eBook into a Print book to increase your sales
  • How to turn your Print book into a Kindle book to increase sales
  • What types of books sell best and why
  • My recommendations for minimum length, color vs. black and white, cover quality and more...

course is for you if you have a novel or non-fiction book that you have
written or want to write and you want to see it published in print.
Whether you want to sell it through Amazon or just create it for friends
and family, this course will walk you through to completing your book.

course is for you if you have published Kindle books for profit and
want to take your income to the next level. By converting your eBooks
into print you increase the visibility and professional appeal of you

You can go through this course in just a few hours.
Using what you learn here, you can have your book available in print
format on the Amazon marketplace in under a week. In under two weeks you
can be holding a physical copy of your book in your hands.

you've taken my other courses here you'll know that I'm readily
available in the discussions to answer your questions and help you over
any hurdles you encounter along the way. And I frequently add new
lectures to help clear up questions and keep you up to date on what's
happening. We're in this together!

Plus, every Udemy course comes with a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and only the future to gain!

What are you waiting for? Click on the Take this Course button and get started today!

if you haven't taken one of my other courses, feel free to view some of
the FREE preview lectures to make sure my teaching style and the
course content will be a great fit for you. See you in there!

Steve McDonald
Steve McDonald
Author, Instructor, Digital Entrepreneur
I believe that learning can be easy if you are given the right tools and instruction. In every one of my courses I take my students step-by-step through the tools and knowledge they need to accomplish their goals.

Whether I am teaching How I Retired Early Publishing Kindle eBooks or How to Create Killer Content for the Web I always share an inside view of my knowledge about the subject. You get access to all of my secrets.

For over 10 years I have studied strategies to create passive income and how to use passive income to vastly improve the quality of your life.

I have tested many different strategies from investing in rental real estate to building niche websites about my hobbies, like with my pottery-on-the-wheel website to publishing Kindle eBooks. I have studied what works and what doesn't work and I have narrowed my research down to the strategies that work the best for creating financial freedom and an improved quality of life.

Each of my courses is designed to share with you these secrets. I hold nothing back. And I won't bore you with all of the strategies that don't work. I'll get right into the exact steps that I have taken to be successful so that you have the opportunity to replicate it.

Of course, it's no secret that my favorite way to generate truly passive income is through publishing Kindle eBooks. I have published over 100 eBooks and published five of those in print. Many of my books have been bestsellers including my own pottery book The Despicable Five.

Once I figured out the Kindle publishing system, some formatting secrets that for some reason are not easy to find, and learned how to use some simple SEO skills that I learned while testing out website building, publishing eBooks became remarkably simple.

Even hiring writers, which would seem scary at first, is really easy and even fun, when you follow my system. I even have it set up so you can publish one or two books and then roll the profits from them into hiring writers so you aren't taking any money out of your pocket.

It starts out as a little income snowball and as you add the profits back into the snowball it grows and grows until you are seeing a surprising and exciting amount of passive income.

I retired in 2014 thanks to my eBook publishing success. Now, when I'm not skiing or kayaking or hiking with my 7 year old son I'm using my spare time to find the best ways to create passive income. As I find great ways to make money from home I'm more than happy to share what I learn with you.

I am here to guide you on your way to success. You can contact me at any step of the way for assistance or even if you're unsure whether my course is the perfect fit for you.

I'm always happy to help.

Would you like to start earning passive income? It all starts with knowledge, and my courses make that part easy for you.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Magical New World of Publishing
Introduction and Overview of the Course
The Magic of CreateSpace: How Awesome and Easy it is to Publish Your Print Book
The Benefits of Publishing an Existing Kindle eBook in Print
Recommended Book Criteria for Publishing a Book in Print
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A Complete Walk-Through of Publishing Your Book on CreateSpace
Using CreateSpace - Add Your Book Title and Upload Your Book
Using CreateSpace - Price and Publish Your Book
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Formatting Your Document to Look Great in Print
Print Books Formatting FINAL
FREE Downloadable Book Template
Additional Formatting Tips to Get Your Book Ready for Publishing
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Sell Your Book Faster - Powerful Title and Subject Selection
Writing a Killer Title
How to Research Book Subject Ideas Using Amazon
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It's (almost) All About Keywords
Keyword Research and Deciding on Keyword Relevance
Using Keywords Correctly to Get Your Book Found
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Conclusion - What's Next?
7 Actions Steps That Will Get You Clicking the Publish Button
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