Teacher Pricing Policy

ULearning is committed to helping Teachers monetize their expertise and maximize the value of their knowledge and content.   ULearning does this primarily by employing unique leading-edge digital marketing solutions and the broadest distribution for Courses possible worldwide. In addition, ULearning will also provide Teachers the most attractive profit sharing and return versus all other online education companies.  We want to make a difference for Teachers and help them earn what they deserve and help them make a difference at the same time.


In keeping ULearning’s principles, ULearning will beat the profit sharing amount of any competitive online education company.   The base profit sharing percentage equates to Teachers earning fifty percent (50%) of the amount received from a respective Teacher’s course. ULearning will pay this amount to Teachers, and because of ULearning’s reach, relationships and efficiency, it expects the net profit amount due to Teachers to be greater than any other competitive online education firm.

From revenue for a specific course, there may be a voucher or discount coupon applied, may be applicable sales or other taxes, transaction or other fees, affiliate marketing or other marketing fees required for commercialization and effectuating sales of courses to culminate in a net profit from the sale of a course, on which the 50/50 profit spilt will be applied.

Teachers, and teachers alone determine the price they wish to charge Students for their Courses. Ulearning.com will everything else and manage billing and all other transaction fees with Students. Teachers may change the price for their respective courses, reduce or increase at any time.

Payment Timing

Payment will be made within thirty (30) days of the end of the month in which the fee for a Course was received. Teachers are responsible for providing ULearning with all identifying and tax and account information necessary for the payment of amounts due, and will be requested to supply the requisite IRS W9 or W8 tax forms as appropriate.


As Teachers will be operating as independent contractors vis-à-vis ULearning, and will be utilizing ULearning’s distribution platform for commercializing their courses, Teachers, will be solely responsible for understanding and satisfying any taxes that be incurred in the sale of their courses. ULearning (Unified Learning) is a United States domiciled corporation commercializing its business from its US platform. As such, any Company revenue should be subject to exclusive US tax jurisdictions.   In the event that the sale or delivery of a Course is deemed to be subject to any value added tax (“VAT”), under applicable law within the European Union, ULearning will collect and remit if appropriate the VAT to the competent tax authorities. Whether the taxes be a value added tax (“VAT”) in the European Union, taxes in countries outside of the European Union, or taxes in the United States, ULearning will be responsible for remitting the taxes to the appropriate tax authorities.