ULearning Teacher FAQ

What type of courses are you looking for?

We have relationships with organizations in just about every niche, so the more variety, the better. If you have courses that don't currently fit an existing category, don't worry. We create schools based on what types of courses our teachers add, so we love adding new categories!

Just remember that our motto is, "ULearn. UEarn." The courses that will resonate best with our students are those where the value proposition is clear. Whether they will earn more money, unlock career opportunities, save time, de-stress, get fit, or just relax and learn how to play guitar; your online course should somehow make their lives better.

Think about how your students will benefit from your course, and make sure your value proposition is clear in your intro videos and course details. You can even use your value prop as the title for your course. 😉

Do I have to market my own courses?

Nope. We take care of the marketing for you. But, for those of you who have your own marketing channels (websites, mailing lists, social media, etc.), our Online Education Affiliate Program makes it easy to earn money promoting some or all of the ULearning courses. Every teacher and student is automatically an affiliate, so click here to find out how to use your affiliate links!

How do you plan to market and promote my courses?

Although we will use traditional course marketing methods such as organic search, affiliate marketing, optin mailings, PPC, etc.; our  promotional plan is focused on strategic partnerships with large distributors, rather than one-off sales to individuals. So, even though students can (and do) purchase courses directly through our marketplace, the bulk of our sales will take place through our partners. This will allow us to sell our courses without the huge discounts that are destroying teacher payouts at other course marketplaces.

Our leadership team has direct connections with some of the major players in the online marketing and distribution space, so we have a lot of creative marking options at our disposal. It will require different methods to reach students in each niche, so having a variety of marketing options that we can mix and match is a big advantage.

What if my course doesn't fit any of your categories?

Great! We work with partners in a variety of industries, so the more diverse our course catalog, the better! We categorize courses as we review, approve, and publish them. So, don't worry if you have a course that doesn't fit in an existing group. We will happily add one.

Can I sell my courses through other online course marketplaces?

Yes, you may sell your courses through other marketplaces, but you will have to market those courses yourself. ULearning only promotes, distributes, and pays commission on courses that are housed in our system.

Payment Questions

How do I earn money from my online courses?

The ULearning system uses affiliates and coupons to promote your courses to students around the globe, but most of our sales will happen through strategic  partnerships with large organizations who need quality training for their employees or members.

Regardless of where the sale comes from, we split the profit with you 50/50.

Details for each sale are available in your payments and earnings section of your control panel, so you know how much (if anything) was deducted because of a coupon or paid out to an affiliate.

Since we don't make money unless you make money, you know we will do everything we can to avoid huge discounts and constant low-ball promos.

How do I get paid?

Every month, the system automatically deposits your teacher and affiliate earnings into the PayPal account you specify in your control panel. Make sure you have added your info and remember to update it if you change accounts.

How are my payments calculated?

The ULearning system uses affiliates and coupons to promote your courses to students around the globe. When a purchase is made, the system deducts the costs and splits the profit with the instructor.

For example, if are selling a $110 course, your earnings would be calculated as follows:

Sale amount: $110 - $10 (coupon) = $100
Affiliate earnings:  $100 * 20% = $20
Instructor earnings: ($100 - $20) * 75% = $60

For details, view our Teacher Pricing Policy.

Questions about Creating and Publishing Your Courses

How do I get my course materials into the system?

Our Bulk Import feature will help you get your existing online course content into the system in no time.

1) Log into your ULearning control panel and click on "Add/Edit Courses" on the side navigation
2) Click the Create a Course button and enter the title of your course.
3) Click on the Bulk Importer

With the Bulk Importer, you can add a chapter title for each segment of your online course and drag and drop your videos, presentations, and other course content into each chapter. From there, it is easy to add/edit/move content and chapters to get it ready for publication and distribution.

Can you upload my course for me?

Although we are looking into options, we don't currently have resources on hand to upload your courses for you. But, we will absolutely let our teachers know if this service becomes available in the future.

Can I import courses directly from another marketplace?

Many of our Teachers came to ULearning from other marketplaces, whether they were unhappy with their earnings or policies kept changing or they just didn't feel their courses were being sold for what they were worth. Regardless of the reason, we are thrilled bring on such experienced online teachers.

The problem is, your existing market place doesn't want to loose you. So, they make it as difficult as possible for you to migrate your courses and constantly change their format to mess with course importing tools. Although we are actively working on alternatives and an import tool is definitely on our roadmap, we don't currently offer the ability to pull course materials directly from another marketplace.

Once I add/import my courses, how soon will they appear in the marketplace?

After your course is finished, click the “Publish” tab to send it to our team for approval. (We just need to make sure that inappropriate content doesn’t get added to the system.) Within 48 hours, we’ll approve your course for publication and it will appear in the ULearning marketplace.

From there, we will distribute it out to our affiliates and distribution partners and keep track of your commissions in the Payments and Earnings section of your control panel.